The Sunday Brief

January 22, 2017

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner // This dinner game tray is getting lots of press. Very tempting for my three-year old. Or he could just eat his dinner. When I serve him. On a normal plate. Is that too much to ask?

What is it like to have 4 kids? // I say no different than 3 kids, but this guy has a funny analogy.

So Good // If you are following me on Instagram you might have seen a pic of my new jacket obsession. So. Good… (and so on sale!)

Phew. I’m a Cool Mom // Take the quiz to have your cool factor assessed.

Not Sophie!!! // Oh yes. Your child’s beloved Sophie could have mold. Here are some tips for cleaning toys. Or, you could just be safe and buy these.

As Per Your Request // Many of you have asked for more everyday mom outfits that are comfy and cute but also machine washable and not yoga pants! Have you tried this brand? Meets all of the criteria! Head to this link on Tuesday nights at 7:30 to preview all of the new inventory.

That Ruffle, though…. // This is as political as I’m going to get. Can we talk about Melania’s ruffle? I thought her dress was on point and this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In honor of what-will-be-will-be mentality, here my current favorite ruffle pieces:


Book Club // Top recommendations from my people (a.k.a. my sisters):  First Comes Love, Small Admissions, or Blessings of a Skinned Knee, and I am currently reading this.

Smile //  A few weekend sales to brighten your day. Here are my top picks…


Soup’s On // It’s that time of year. This recipe looks promising.

Valentine’s Day on the Brain? // If nothing else, just wear your heart on your sleeve.

And that’s all I’ve got!

Happy Sunday.


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