5 Favorite Distressed Jeans Under $100

February 23, 2017

It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with denim. What can I say? I feel the most like “me” when I’m in a great fitting pair of slightly (or not so slightly) distressed pair of jeans. My former self used to think you had to spend the big $$ to get an amazing pair of jeans. But after having kids bouncing around from size to size, I started dabbling in lower priced denim. The verdict: I might never buy an expensive pair of jeans again. I mean, don’t quote me on that, but I have not one, but FIVE pairs of distressed jeans under $100 that I truly love. And I think you will too. My husband watched Alison (my photographer) and I do this photo shoot as I danced around like a fool (to Kids Bop no less) and he said something along the line of, “I am so glad I’m not a blogger. I could never do this.” And to his credit, yes, I did look a little silly, but it’s all in the name of fashion. And for you guys. So there. And so I present my picks for best distressed denim under $100….

5 Favorite Distressed Jeans Under $100

the motherchic wearing distressed jeans under $100

Left to Right:

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Pink Pump (my all time favorite heel – comes in tons of colors)

Striped Tee

Pair 1 // Blank NYC Distressed Skinny Jeans

the motherchic wearing blanknyc distressed skinny jeans

The Jeans: Blank NYC Distressed Skinny Jeans (get $15 off $100 with code: MOTHERCHIC15)

The Price: $88

The Wash: No time for dat (<—no really, that’s what it’s called!)

What to Know: True to size, stretch, regular rise

Why I Love These: Besides the fact that I live in these jeans, they are the happy medium jean: not too light and not too dark, not too distressed but not too polished, just enough stretch that you can wear a few times before washing.

Pair 2 // Levi’s 721 High Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans

the motherchic wearing levi's distressed skinny jeans

The Jeans: Levi’s 721 High Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans (sizes are limited so linking a few places to buy them: here, here, they come in gray here, similar busted knee look here.)

The Price: $88

The Wash: Rugged Indigo

What to Know: True to size (but almost wish I sized down – I explain more in next section), no stretch, high-rise, wear cuffed or un-cuffed. Also wearing them here.

Why I Love These Jeans: These jeans are all about the rise and the distressing. I’m completely obsessed with everything high-rise (especially when post partum and/or playing on the ground with kids). These are definitely my “cool mom” jeans because of the exaggerated distressing. My husband says they are inexpensive because they are missing a piece, but we didn’t ask his opinion now did we? I do find that I wash these after 1-2 wears because they need to shrink back up due to no elasticity in the fabric.

Pair 3 // Gap Raw Hem

the motherchic wearing gap skinny ankle jeans

The Jeans: Gap Mid Rise Distressed True Skinny Ankle Jeans

The Price: $79 but on sale for $59.96

The Wash: Riptied Blue Destroyed

What to Know: I always size down in Gap jeans, decent stretch, mid – rise, raw hem, ankle length

Why I Love These Jeans: These are the perfect spring/summer jeans. The raw hem is what drew me in. These wear great with sandals, sneaks, and of course, flip flops. Subtle distressing makes them look lived in, but can easily be dressed up for a night out.

Pair 4 // Blank Distressed Skinny Dipper Jeans

the motherchic wearing blank distressed jeans

The Jeans: Blank Distressed Skinny Dipper Jeans

The Price: $88

The Wash: Light Denim

What to Know: True to size, light stretch (first pair of Blank has much more stretch), mid – rise, wear cuffed or straight.

Why I Love These Jeans: These are my pick for a light wash denim. They are also the middle ground for distressed jeans – not as much distressing as the fully busted knee Levi’s but a bit more than the other pairs. I LOVE dressing up distressed denim. Would I wear these to a black tie gala? No. But a fancy restaurant in the city with heels and this top (splurge) or this top (save). You bet.

Pair 5 // Mid Rise Destructed Best Girlfriend Jeans

the motherchic wearing gap girlfriend jeans

The Jeans: Mid-rise destructed best girlfriend jeans

The Price: $79 but on sale for $59

The Wash: Vintage medium blue destroyed

What to Know: Although these are meant to be loose, I always size down in girlfriend/boyfriend jeans depending on how baggy I want them (for reference I’m wearing a 25, but also have them in a 24 for tighter fit). Light stretch (need to wash to shrink down after 1-2 wears), mid – rise, wear cuffed.

Why I Love These Jeans: One of my friends said that the are THE best postpartum jeans ever. I have them in this wash and a lighter wash wore them after babies and beyond. They are “girlfriend” jeans meaning they are not AS baggy as a true boyfriend fit. And again, great for play and for party.

I hope this was helpful! Anyone have any great distressed jeans under $100 that we need to know about? What do you want to see next? Best crop flares? High waist? Wide leg? The sky is the limit and your comments always mean so much.

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Oh, and one last thing. When in doubt, do the dance test.

Photos by Alison Cornell 

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The best distressed denim under $100

  • Krista
    February 23, 2017 at 11:17 am

    Ps…Gap is 40% off today with code midweek

  • Erin
    February 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    What size did you go with in the Gap? there sizing is all over the place!

    • Lindsey
      February 23, 2017 at 1:19 pm

      Hi Erin! I’m wearing a size 25 in every pair

  • Christine
    February 23, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Ooh would love to see high rise summer/crop options! Post 3 kids my days of mid/low rise are over

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