Reader Style Crush: Meet Megan

March 8, 2017

Welcome to the spring Reader Style Crush Series! These are my favorite blogs to write because not only do you get a taste of what other ladies are wearing, but I get to introduce you to some amazing women. To kick off our spring series, I am excited to introduce you to Megan. We met when our first kids were babies (almost 6 years ago) which crazily enough seems like a lifetime ago. A fellow boy mom, Megan has two sons ages 7 and 5. Since those days when playdate topics of conversation consisted solely of sleep schedules, teething, baby milestones and diaper rash, Megan and I have both come up for air. It was refreshing seeing her again all these years later, back to work, and rejuventated. For those of you still in the trenches, it is temporary! Exhausting and overwhelming yet wonderful and short-lived.

mlc fitness

Megana former Assistant District Attorney, decided to pursue her passion for helping people transform their lives and change their mindset about health and fitness and breaking belief barriers. As a certified health and fitness coach, personal trainer and keynote speaker champion, Megan founded MLCFitness and has inspired over 5,000 individuals and businesses (global through non-profit) through her MLCFitness method. Definitely head over to check her out at or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Q&A with Megan:

How would you describe your style in 5 words or less? Sporty stylish.

What is your favorite pair of jeans? Love these! I can wear them with sneakers and a zip up or with boots/heels to go out.

Most worn item in your closet? I wear these to train clients, out with the kids, and to brunch with a cute jacket. (I’m obsessed with these too! Did a whole post on them!)

If you had 30 minutes to yourself, what would you do? Shower and dry my hair in peace!

I never leave the house without…….several healthy snacks. I eat every few hours to keep my metabolism up.

What are your secrets for balancing work, family and friends? Be present. Whether I’m with my family, training clients or presenting at a company I’m giving it my all. I believe it is quality of time spent not just quantity.

You are passionate about exercise, but when do you find the time to do it? I work out at 5:30am every morning.  I sleep in my full workout outfit so I’m set to go! (Not kidding)

old navy compression pants

old navy compression leggings

old navy compression leggings and c9 zip up



Compression Leggings | Strappy Tank | Sneakers | Jacket (old, similar here)


Get Megan’s Sporty Stylish Look:

Photography by Alison Cornell of The Photography Co-op

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