The Sunday Brief

March 19, 2017

My Heart // If you need a good cry, read this essay.

…And Speaking of Solid Marriages // Marriage tips from a DIVORCE lawyer? I think she might be onto something.

The World Needs to Know About This // ….<— those are the exact words I received in a text message earlier this week referring to this product. How could I live with myself if I don’t give it a shot, right?

Eats // I broke out a few oldies but goodies this past week (turkey burgers and zucchini lasagna), next week I think this looks easy enough and a few of my sisters made a delicious “meatless Monday” dish that I might need to try: quinoa, tomatoes, avocado, pesto, burrata, drizzle of olive oil… I might be forgetting something, but you get the idea. How good does that sound?

Who’s Excited? // Check out the latest designer collab with Target. Coming soon!

I’m Terrified to Parent Teens // There I said it. I mean, these days are hard, but TEENS? Anyway, if you haven’t read this article, it’s pretty sound advice.

Trend to Try // I can’t WAIT to style these babies for you guys! How cool and innovative, right? #earlyaprilfools #ihaventgonemad #dontevereverevereverevereverwearthose #justmakingsureyouwerepayingattention

Popular Picks  // By far and away, this tee was definitely the hot ticket item on the blog this week. I posted it on instagram (I definitely recommend getting it in black and white) and will be sharing some more of my favorite not-so-basic tees in a post very soon! Here were the other most popular items from posts this past week:

Weekend Sales // Anthro is having 20% off full priced items for Anthro members (easy to sign up if you aren’t already!). Abby I hit up the dressing room yesterday and scored some great spring pieces. I will post them on my Instagram stories so be sure you are following there too! Here are some of our picks:

Busted Bracket // Sad day in our house yesterday. Villanova ended their run in the March Madness tournament 🙁 There may have been some tears. My oldest son wrote a consolation letter to Kris Jenkins and Josh Hart – it was actually really sweet. It opened with stating the harsh obvious, “Dear Kris and Josh, that was a good game you played but the badgers beat you guys…” and ended with…. “I wanted you guys to win the hole thing, but you played awesome and you are so good at basketball that you could be famos.” So yeah. Does, uh, anyone have their address? I might have to post in on my insta-story. Sometimes they surprise us don’t they? Ok, now someone needs to give us a new team to root for!

Ok. That’s all I’ve got.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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