The Sunday Brief

May 14, 2017

If you are reading this you’ve probably just been served breakfast in bed and were granted a little quiet time while the hubs whisked the kids away to clean the kitchen while you unwind with a little alone time, no? OK so there are likely homemade-in-school muffin crumbs under your bum, a splash of OJ on your pillow and your coffee is palatable but not exactly how you like it. But is all good. We must admit it is pretty adorable the lengths our kiddies go through to make us feel special. Give me alllll the not-quite-right coffee. So sit, back soak in your moment, twirl the handmade macaroni lei around your neck, and enjoy…In my experience it takes my husband at least three times the amount of time it takes me to clean up breakfast (hey, kids, does anyone know where mom keeps the paper towels?!) so milk it while you can.

Breakfast in Bed // I wouldn’t mind waking up to this on Mother’s Day, but did you know sour cream makes breakfast baked goods even better! A little dollop in scrambled eggs makes them that much better.

Decisions // I think we all need one of these dress up/dress down tops. The problem? Which color? They would look equally cute with work slacks as they would cut offs, no? And I can’t decide if I love this or LOVE this? Do you guys want more loungewear on the blog?

Fashion Rules // Who says you can’t wear white until after memorial day? This week we showed you to ways to wear white denim, stay tuned this week for two more! Until then, check out these “highest rated” pair and these which are less than half the price!

Most Popular // The restock of these seasonless booties made them, hands down, the most popular item in shop this week with these shorts coming in a close second. Here were some other top contenders most loved by all of you!

Dear Abby // We get a lot of styling requests from our readers (and we love them, so keep them coming). Our most recent request… What to wear to a horse race that’s nursing friendly? Stick to wrap dresses or off the shoulder for easy access! Email [email protected] to take advantage of our super affordable and totally personalized styling service.

Hot Date // Recently obsessed with this website that carries designer brands at a hefty discount. I paired my white denim with an eyelet blouse by SEA for an easy date night look. This, this and this are also in my basket… hey a girl can dream right?

Family Table // Zac Brown just released a new album this week. This song is currently on repeat.

Almost Famous // Did you see our reader style crush: Ally on  Her casual weekend style is absolute perfection. See the full post here or shop her effortlessly cool Madewell top here.

Open Letter // This article really struck a chord. Big shout out to all the moms!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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