The Sunday Brief – MDW Edition

May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! Our goal for this past weekend was some good quality family time. We’ve been doing our best to disconnect from phones and computers on the weekends and giving more of our undivided selves to the boys. Because so much of what I do requires time spent on both, it feels really good to let it go and turn it all off. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you are having trouble setting boundaries between work and life. Ok ok ok so sometimes I sneak into my room to check my phone to respond to a comment here and there (because all of you are important to me too!), but if my response time is slower than normal, you know why. Which brings me to my next point – summer. Since this weekend marks the unofficial start to summer, I’ve been thinking/stressing a lot about what my summer is going to look like. This is the first year I’ve considered myself working full time and part of that has to do with the fact that 2 of my kids are in school full day. When my kids are out for the summer, I’m not sure how that is all going to play out. Somehow we always seem to make it work, but any advice from how work-at-home-moms handle summer, send it my way! Okay – so let’s do this up MDW style, shall we?

Be in the Know // 10 Summer Trends you need to know about.

Ocean Front Style // Cute beach towels are a thing. Here are my faves (that also make a great gift for that friend, you know, THAT friend  with the beach house who’s place you plan on crashing very often)


When You’re Asked to Bring a Side dish // File this one away under “I have no clue what to make”. Drooling over #11.

Au Naturale-ish // Want that “I’m not wearing any makeup” glow? I’m testing out this line for summer. It’s organic and non toxic, while also healing and nourishing to the skin. Dab a bit of this (I have the shade “modest”) onto your cheeks and lips for a sheer hint of color.

Swooning Over // This dress. And this $34 one too.

Let’s Play a Game // Our friend (ha!) Reese came out with a line and some of you were on board and some wanted less expensive options. Here you go! Image is clickable!

(In case the bottom checked romper link doesn’t work, try this )

Filed Under: Trends Maybe NOT to Try // Foil freckles, anyone? Or what about a male romper? I don’t know. What do you guys think?

Soul //  I’m a music head by default because husband has a soundtrack to his life (seriously he keeps music on in his pocket on the weekends).  Anyway, when the kids go to bed, open your favorite bottle of red and put this song on in the background (we use Spotify but if the link below doesn’t work, check out Brandi Carlile’s “Cover Stories” wherever you listen).

Boob Love // I don’t usually get excited about bras, but I am OBSESSED with this one. I bought it for my sister for her birthday just so I could see if someone else would love it as much as I do. Yep. She already wants another. They are so comfortable you don’t even know they are there. Get on the preorder list, stat.

ICYMI // Memorial Day Sales: We covered Nordstrom, Anthro, Lucky Brand, and all the rest.

Most Popular // Here are the top 5 things you guys swooped up this weekend: The incredible tee, the perfect denim short, a little love for gingham, side slit basic tank, the most raved about sandal.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got! Oh, and a year ago today I gave birth (naturally, by accident) to my baby. It was equal parts painful and invigorating. But more about that story here. We are off to celebrate his first birthday today! Follow along on insta-stories!



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