Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 8, 2017

Ok so let’s talk about Dads for a minute. 10 Reasons we love them (from my kids POV):

10. They can throw a ball SO high and SO far that sometimes they even go over the house. (Just ask our neighbors with the pile of our balls in their yard.)

9. They think a cookie before breakfast is totally cool as long as mom doesn’t see it. We couldn’t agree more.

8. Dads LOVE getting splashed in the pool. Sometimes they even start it!

7. And it gets better – dads aren’t worried about friends stopping by randomly. Nope. They let us destroy the house as long as we clean it up at the end of the day.

6. Dads like mac and cheese as much as we do. They even eat it straight out of the pot.

5. Dads know EVERYTHING! Well, almost…….Whenever we hop on his back he can NEVER find us.

4. Don’t tell mom, but he is a waaaay better at a few things. Like pitching, reaching all the high things, and roughhousing, and telling time. Mom’s version of 10 more minutes till bed is waaaay shorter than dad’s.

3. Dad love to get kids all riled up before bedtime. Apparently it’s the perfect way to burn off some steam because sometime he even falls right asleep in our bed when he is giving us a kiss goodnight.

2. Dads can fix pretty much anything. Even our feelings when we are sad.

1. Dads LOVE to play. We can tell. And that’s our favorite thing of all.

And here are just a few ways to show them the love this Father’s Day….

father's day gift ideas

1 // Race Track Tee – Because outsourcing a back tickle is, well, genius.

2// Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Earphones // Because we want dads to stick around for as looooong as possible.

3 // Wine Glasses – Because you need new ones and Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to buy them.

4 // Gingham Shirt – Because the shirt situation needs not to be “a situation”.

5 // Bulldog Bottle Opener – Because worlds can collide.

6 // Hoodie – Because this one is way cuter than the one he probably wears (on repeat) now.

7 // Corkcicle Can Cooler – Because what is worse than a warm beer?

8 // Non-Stick Grill Pans – Because manning the grill is a serious job.

9 // Sperry Boat Shoes – Because besides flip flops and sneakers and “work shoes” they sometimes need an in between option.

10 // 5 in One Grill Tool: Because we think this looks pretty awesome.

11 // Beer Snob Mug – Because, #truth.

12 // Hershel Duffle Bag – Because there is a separate compartment for smelly sneakers. Need we say more?

13 // Under Armour Half Zip – Because dad’s just love these things.

14 // Jo Malone Cologne – Because we said so. #swoon

15 // Ask Mom Mug: Because let’s be honest….

16 // Kiehl’s Starter Kit: Because that cuteness needs be preserved.

17 // Hydro Flask: Because it’s about time they stop stealing our water bottles (and this brand is awesome)

Dads. What an awesome invention. We are definitely smitten.

  • Alexandra
    June 8, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    PERFECT! I needed another Father’s Day gift and the Corksicle can holder is exactly what I need.

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