Work Life Balance and Pineapples

June 13, 2017

What do pineapples have anything to do with work life balance? Nothing. But if I am good at my job (which I consider to be integrating motherhood and fashion) then by the end of this I might have a point. Stick with me. In my 8 years of being a mom, I’ve dabbled in a few of the many types of motherhood. At one point I was a working pregnant mom to be (the scariest of all the types). And then I was a working mom, and then I was a working, pregnant mom. And then I was a stay at home mom. And theeeen I was a stay at home mom with a serious blogging hobby. And now I would consider myself a part time work at home mom with a full time job workload smushed into 20 hours per week.The motherchic wearing Madewell pineapple top and pilcro denim shorts

And the more I talk to moms, there are a lot of work at home moms who’s job profile fits the latter. This might be the new norm and it’s the only way I can justify “having it all”, but finding that work life balance is tricky. Like almost as tricky as trying to explain to a babysitter how to watch all 4 of my kids tricky. Sometimes it’s just easier to do it all yourself, right? Wrong.

The motherchic wearing madewell pineapple top

If there is one thing I’ve learned since I decided to “go all in” with this blog back in September, the single thing I can attribute to making it all work, was making an investment in help with my kids. I now have “work hours” which I can separate from family hours which in turn makes everyone a million times happier. And I’ve been very honest in saying that it’s not picture perfect (yet! YET!!), but I’m convinced that dedicating uninterrupted time for both has helped me to achieve more presence in both parts of my life. But I’m not sure that perfection is what I am striving for anyway.

The motherchic wearing madewell pineapple top

We can have it all, but we shouldn’t be expected to do it all. Sometimes my dinner suck. I’m pretty sure hotdogs were invented for that very reason. They make you feel guilty but the kids are totally happy and you look at those adorable faces (extra adorable because they are actually eating and not  whining) and so it almost cancels all the bad stuff out – ya know, as long as you buy the nitrate-free kind which I’m pretty sure I totally do (scratches her head).

And sometimes on the work front I’m scrambling to get a post up in time and/or feeling uninspired by fashion in general (yes, that does, in fact, happen) and then I know it’s time to pull back regroup and do what I know is a sure thing… i.e. these turkey quinoa bowls can be made in 10 minutes and are almost as good as hotdogs yet lessen the mom guilt, and jeans and a tee with a fun accessory will never go out of style. In fact, sometimes those are my most popular posts. This summer will be a true test to my work life balance. I fully intend to continue to inspire ready to wear summer fashions while also kicking back (ha!) at the pool with my kids and avoiding as many theme parks as we possibly can. I didn’t say I was cut out for everything. A county fair, fine. Theme park with 4 kids? Ask your grandparents.

Nothing ever turns out exactly how we expect it to, but with a little creativity, and lot of help, sometimes it can be even better. With that, when life gives you lemons, make pineapples. And BOOM! There you have it. I knew I had a point. Cheers to work life balance……and pineapples (pina coladas all around!)


Pineapple Top | Pilcro Shorts (size down) | Tassel Earrings | Sunglasses


Striped Romper | Hoodie

Our Favorite Pineapple-y Pieces

Photography by Alison Cornell

  • Jo-Lynne Shane
    June 14, 2017 at 6:11 am

    You are adorable, and I am pretty sure you’re doing an amazing job at both blogging and motherhood. Well, the blog is a given. I love your writing style and your fashion-style. 🙂 Having dedicated hours for both and hiring help is key – especially when they’re young. Once they’re all in school all day, you will be shocked at how much you can accomplish in 6 hours! Until then, a good babysitter (and the occasional turkey quinoa bowl) is priceless!

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