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A Simple Summer Accessory, 3 Ways

June 21, 2017

Summer is all about “more”. More sunlight, more kid time, which arguably leads to more rosé time (for the record it took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to get the accent symbol on the ‘e’ and I already forget how to do it but I digress….) let’s see what else? More…… hotdogs?  More sparklers, and definitely more social life… the only thing there is less of? Time to get dressed, for starters. In my case, I blame the kids and lack of school. There’s another thing there is less of….

Ok let’s play a game. Ask me what outfit I would wear if I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life?

Answer: Denim and a white tee.

Yep. Of all the clothes in the world, I can’t get enough of this simple yet tried and true combo. It’s all about adding a little something to make the effortless combo, a bit more styled and intentional yet still very…. you guessed it… effortless. That’s the goal right? Ok I’m just going to cut to to the chase here. Buy yourself a square scarf. It a simple summer accessory that adds little umph to a basic outfit and you can wear it a bajillion ways, but I am only going to show you three ways because like I said before, summer = less time, more play.

Option 1: Arm Candy

Swap out your bangles for a ride on the softer side. A scarf wrapped around your wrist adds a subtle pop just where you need it.

How to: Fold the scarf in a triangle and roll towards the point. Wrap around your wrist and tie in a knot (yes, I sometimes ask my 8 year old for help).

Option 2: NeckLOVE

Women with 1 year olds who are constantly breaking our necklaces, you feel me. A scarf can be tied countless ways around your neck and makes for an uncomplicatedly (<– new word) chic outfit.

How to: Fold the scarf in a triangle. Hold one corner in each hand and secure in a knot behind your neck.

Option 3: Fancy Pants

Add a little interest to your belt loop and watch the heads turn.

How to: Knot it and tie it and and mark it with a B….. and clearly that’s a sign I sang way too many nursery rhymes today. Regardless I’m not going to insult your intelligence. Just play around with it and see what works!

Ok ok ok a few more ways to wear it:

Tie it around the strap your favorite tote

Wrap it around a messy bun

Tie it around your favorite beach hat


White Tank | Denim Shorts | Scarf c\o Sole Society

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