The Sunday Brief

August 27, 2017

I am going to start this week’s Sunday Brief with two quick little parenting lessons….

Parenting Life Lesson #237: Sometimes you take a sip of seltzer only to quickly realize it was in fact (gag!) warm milk, just like sometimes you go on a family vacation, and end up spending a few nights in the emergency room.

Parenting Life Lesson #238: All times you go on family vacation, you will return 10 times more exhausted and in need of vacation than prior to your departure.

This past week I came face to face with one of my scariest nightmares that involves seeing a bone that is not where it is supposed to be. And a screaming child. Lots and lots of screaming. Thanks to the monkey bars, my son had to go and fracture his atrial lateral humorus yadda yadda. Translation: some part of his elbow bone was rotated 180 degrees and needed surgery to piece it back together. Yes, two nights in a hospital put a little bit of a damper on our beach week, but my first instinct when something happens to my kids is to find that little piece of gratitude. It could have been so much worse….. But in the meantime, if anyone has been down this broken winged road and has suggestions for how to get an active boy who can’t be active through the next 8 weeks without the use of his dominate hand, I’m all ears.

Many, many thanks to all of you for your sweet messages regarding my son and also your comments about last week’s post. I’m pretty sure I am more tired than when I left (yep, definitely am – see rule #238), however in the few trips I was able to make to the beach,  I was so lucky to run into some lovely women who read this blog! They can assure you that I spent most of that time following my one year old in circles. I knew better than to waste time packing a beach read, but ladies, my sister’s youngest is 4 years old and she read a book cover to cover. There is hope.

And now, the brief!

Marie Kondo-ish // Check out this article where I was interviewed about being super organized. Friends who know me, you have my permission to start laughing. #whattimeissoccerpracticeagain?? #whenwerethoseschoolmedicalformsdue???

Holy Guacamole // How can one resist this avocado-ness? I couldn’t… just arrived today!

Speaking of Avocados // This recipe completely embodies what my summer meal dreams are made of.

Beer-Loving Bestie // Gift her this.

Poo Prize // And the award for best new, NO residue dry shampoo goes to….this one!

Coming Up Roses // Why am I so intrigued by this perfume? It comes in brush-on form. #mindblown

Love a Good Sale // … and Loft is having a major one. Up to 75% off so many things. A few standouts? This one shoulder dress for $19 (perfect for upcoming weddings!), a little arm candy, a work appropriate transitional sweater

Reader Faves // Here are a few things you all were loving on this week… these bralettes (as seen here), not-so-basic long sleeved tee (as seen here), these sneaks (as seen here). And last but not least, this reader favorite dress was restocked in gray (as seen here)

And that’s all I’ve got!





  • Melissa
    August 27, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Hi Lindsey! I shutter when I read your post about the monkey bars. My daughter had a compound fracture from them when she was 5 one hot summer and couldn’t swim. Jad a rod put in, too. Somehow you will figure out things for your son to do. I look back and wonder how I juggled her and my 2 other kids, but she realized she had to have limited activity and even after the cast came off. 5 yrs later I still cant take them to a park with monkey bars. Love your posts and look forward to more. Wishing your son a speedy recovery.

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