Military Jacket and Q&A Time

August 31, 2017

What goes better with a little Q&A session than a cute military jacket? Answer: nothing. Because pretty much everything goes better with a military jacket, especially this time of year. Wear it over your favorite tank or tee and we especially like the structured shape over a flowy floral dress. Here is what you will find me wearing on the daily come September, which um, is tomorrow? I won’t ask how that happened because I know we are all feeling the same way: a little sad that summer is over, a little ecstatic that school is back in session, but definitely mostly a little sad ;)…. I’ll let you be the judge. Here is an easily replicable fall outfit idea, and some of the most frequent questions I get, answered below!


Military Jacket (wearing a small)  | Chevron Tank | Slip On Shoes | Necklace

More Favorite Military Jackets…

How do you stay fit?

I have always been an athlete – I played soccer my whole life, danced, and ran track in college. My workout of choice is running because I think it is the most effective workout and it’s free! I honestly haven’t had much of a routine this summer – I’d be lying if I said I ran more than 7 times total, but I am hoping to get back into a routine once the kids are back in school. I also started doing XFORCE which is a super intense strength training workout that you do 30 minutes once per week. Locals, if you want a free session, send me an email! I think diet is most important when I am not being as active. I eat whatever I want, just not a lot of it which has always been my mantra. I had a burger and a shake with my kids for lunch today, so for dinner I will balance it out with a leaner protein and some veggies. Ok that was I lie. We actually had pasta and marinara sauce because it was just one of those nights, but tomorrow will be a better day. Whenever I am starivng, I eat a cheese stick to curb my appetite so I am able to make a better food choice.

Your hair! And how do you manage to look put together with 4 kids?

Here is my super easy hair tutorial that I do a few times per week. I use dry shampoo in between and other days I just let my hair dry naturally. And spoiler alert: I DO NOT look put together all the time. If I am taking photos for the blog, I curl my hair and spend a few more minutes on make up. I think it is important to take care of yourself and part of that, for me, is getting dressed every day. Some days it’s a cute work out outfit, and other days its ripped jeans and a slouchy sweater. I can do everything better, including being a mom, if I feel better about myself. And really, that is the premise of this whole blog. And where are my kids when I am getting myself ready? My older two are self sufficient and usually watching their morning cartoons and/or sneaking things out of the pantry that they shouldn’t be eating for breakfast. My little two are right at my feet – my 4 year old trying to curl his eyelashes right next to me and my 1 year old dumping out every drawer in my bathroom.

Can you share a list of your go-to shops?

You all know that Nordstrom is one of my favorite one stop shops, especially the sale section. I love Anthropologie for dresses and not-so-basic tops. I shop at Loft for more trend items and their print game is strong. Shopbop when I need something fast (hello, free 2 day shipping!) and their swimsuit selection is on point. I love Macy’s and Lord & Taylor for deals on some of my favorite brands like Free People, Vince Camuto, and BlankNYC. I love Everlane for modern basics. I love Social Threads because they just get me….. and the list could go on…..

What is your favorite basic, loose fit, super soft, not low cut neckline, not see-through white tee?? Is there such a thing??

Hmm. Ok so first confession: I don’t mind my tees a little sheer. I have a bajillion of the Madewell Whisper tees and with a nude bra I don’t have any issue with the see through factor. This Lush Tee wins the super soft, perfect drape award in my book. I have this one in black and I love it. It is slightly longer than your average tee. I can only assume the white is just as good. I’ve heard great things about this one. If sheerness is at the top of your list, you might want to try this one, but again, it runs long. If anyone has one they love, sound off!

How big is your team? How many employees and support people do you have? Are you hiring?

It definitely takes a village. Up until recently I’ve pretty much done all of the content, outfit planning, social media “stuff”, commenting etc… myself. Abby has been an important part of the blog since last fall and I am happy to announce that she will be joining me full time very soon. Alison does my photography (actually her co-op partner, Megan took these). Oh, and I also have an amazing branding/marketing guru who helps to create my blog graphics and logos etc…. And of course, I have lots of support from my family who helps me with everything from texting me when I spell something wrong, to running a business. I hope to expand my team in the near future, but at the moment I am not hiring.

What items do you think are worth splurging on?

I wear denim almost daily so cost per wear I can always justify a more expensive pair – these are my current favorites. A silk camisole is a wardrobe staple that looks great alone or under a great jacket, which is another item that will I think is worth the investment. Let’s see, what else? I don’t think anyone would ever regret this cashmere cardigan or a pair of timeless pumps. Maybe I should make this one into a whole post?

Let me know what other questions you have and if you want me to expand on any of these….



  • JM
    August 31, 2017 at 7:39 am

    What size are you wearing in the military jacket?

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