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September 7, 2017

So here we are, 7 days into September and for us, getting back into a routine has been a bit of a whirlwind. As a mom of a lot of kids one of my goals for them is self-sufficiency, especially in the mornings. Whether or not this goal is driven by the self-serving motivation of wanting just one sip of hot coffee before I have to do all of the morning “things” is up for question, but one can only assume. Basically, if they can brush their teeth, get dressed (including socks and shoes – you would be surprised at how often one or the other goes missing), pick out snacks for their lunch, and eat the food I place in front of them, then I am a happy girl. And what’s in it for them? TV of course. Ok so maybe this is bribery, but whatever, it works…

And today we nailed it. The remote was in my hand and as I braced myself to referee the fight between Sports Center and SpongeBob, I realized that #2 son was in fact dressed, but was wearing the same clothes he wore to school yesterday and also slept in. Sigh. To his credit, he has a broken arm and changing a shirt requires at least 3 working arms, so I guess that one is on me. In honor of looking on the bright side (there is always next week) here are 5 things that are making us smile right this very moment.

everlane jeans

1 // Everlane // Today marks the launch of their highly anticipated denim collection. They hold, lift and don’t stretch, are ethically made in the worlds cleanest factory, are $68 and built to last. Abby is wearing the modern boyfriend (sized down for a slimmer fit) and I am wearing the high rise skinny – perfectly polished for those “is it okay to wear jeans?” situations.

2 // Reader comments // Here’s one we got this week that reinforces the whole concept of this blog….

Thank you, girl, and camo recommendations? Yes we do. This tee on sale. This double-take worthy cardigan. And this super-soft graphic amazing-ness.

3 // Nordstrom // What would a happy post be without a mention of things on sale at Nordstrom? A work to weekend top (have it, love it), a splurge-worthy classic sweater, Paige jeans, and girls night out top, accomplished.

4 // Home Refresh // With office renovations on the brain, we are taking full advantage of Urban Outfitter’s big furniture sale (up to 40% off everything). I just bought this industrial chic chest to house all of our snacks (kidding, maybe). We also love the warm fall colors of this throw blanket for a little couch update and this fun desk to brighten any small work space.

5 // Keeping in Real // In honor of the new beginnings that September brings, this iPhone case made me smile (and it’s 25% off with code: PURPOSEFUL). Leave it to Kate.

What things made you smile this week?

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