Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

November 1, 2017

Today marks the unofficial start of the crazy season, otherwise known as, “the holidays”.  We want to make sure you are prepared for any invitation that comes your way, even the last minute ones. Before we begin the sharing the many gift guides we have planned, we thought a great place to start was with gifts for the host. My organized self would tell you to stock up on several gifts now so you are ready for anything. I can’t count the number of times I am running out the door to a party, rattling off a list of instructions to the sitter, sit down in my car and then think “Ahh!! A hostess gift!!” Then I feverishly run back in side to find a halfway decent bottle of wine. Whether your casually meeting friends or going to a fancy cocktail party a hostess gift is always in good measure. While wine and/or fresh cut flowers are always appreciated, they are a little… predictable? For those other occasions when you are just not so sure about what to bring, but want it to me a little  more unique, we’ve rounded up some thoughtful hostess gifts.

thoughtful hostess gifts

1. Reusable tote – for gym clothes or grocery store runs, this tote is sure to bring a smile to your friends face.
2. Hydro Flask – a nice reminder to keep hydrated- even during the cooler months.
3. Sing it Back – a friendly game is a great way to keep the party going

Cocktail party:
1. Cheese knives – because somehow these tend to walk out of my house
2. Metal straws – for those extra fancy cocktails
3. Pillow spray – to calm the head after a night of entertaining

Neighborhood brunch:
1. Bloody Mary Mix – what’s brunch without it!
2. Himalayan Rock Salt – because you’d never buy it for yourself, but its so pretty!
3. America – The Cookbook – a touch of history and endless meal options

A few more options….


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