Thoughtful Gifts Under $25

December 8, 2017

You know those people who are just impossible to get a gift for? You know who I am talking about. Maybe its a co-worker or your hairdresser or your child’s teacher or even a friend. What do these people all have in common? They are the most-deserving-but-nearly-impossible-to-ever-find-a-gift-deserving-enough. Do you feel me? What would I like to get these people.. just an all inclusive two week vacation to Tulum and maybe a lifetime supply of groceries. Oh wait I guess that last part was just something I wanted 😉

So while I would like to get these people in my life the MOST THOUGHTFUL gift I’ve come to realize that sometimes just a little something special and definitely a hand written card can go further than you think. With that said we have rounded up some of our favorite special little somethings that are under $25 for all of those hard to gift incredibly deserving people.

Thoughtful Gifts Under $25

thoughtful gifts under $25

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and a few more favorites….

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