3 Reasons You Need a Vacation

December 20, 2017

Three reasons you need a vacation? I could give you twenty seven, but let’s start with three….

  1. You haven’t slept past ___am in ___years. (I’ll let you fill in your own blanks)
  2. You’ve wiped your countertop 87 times in the past 7 days.
  3. ….and you knew this was coming, but YOLO (mom, that’s code for “you only live once”).

And on top of those three valid points, there is real scientific research out there that says people actually benefit from vacation. No wonder the smell of a pina colada makes everything better. Just me? But in all seriousness it has gotten to the point where working and momming have overlapped so much so that I haven’t watched an hour of tv in the past year without momming or working getting in the way. And I don’t mean “getting in the way” in a negative sense – I am unbelievably grateful for both. But I am pretty sure Bravo tv was invented for no interruptions. No thinking. Just feet up, sour cream and onion chips are only added bonus. Throw some wine in there and you might as well have sent me to the penthouse in the Ritz for the night. And here comes the part of the post where I tell you that a weekend away is always a good idea. Oh wait, one second… yep. One phone call later and my mom and my sisters agree.

This is the part where it’s safe to assume I hopped on Expedia, and booked us a little weekend away in New York City. I’m calling it a new “annual tradition”, but let’s see how the dads make out first….

I recently discovered the new Collections feature on the Expedia website which makes it super easy to book your ideal vacation/getaway/paying-for-sleep-past-6am-for-a-day… whatever you want to call it.

expedia You choose the type of vacation you are seeking whether it be beach, snow, food, family funshopping…. ok yes let’s go with shopping…..


Then you select your ideal location, pick a hotel, and before you know it, the theater tickets are en route to your inbox and all you have to worry about is dinner reservations and what to pack. And that laundry list of instructions for your husband, but might as well skip that part because he won’t read it anyway.


It’s almost too easy. Which makes me think, why don’t we do this more often? Well, because it’s not in the monthly budget (although becoming an Expedia Rewards Member means I will save more on future trips) and also probably because I like singing “You Are My Sunshine” and changing diapers more than I think. But every once in a while… a little break from the norm makes me all the better at my favorite role when I get home. So yes. This trip is happening and I will report later on how lovely it went and how late I slept. One hundred dollars says I don’t sleep past 6:02am, but that’s not the point. The point is, that I could if I wanted to. So there. Expedia, thank you. NYC, here we come!


This post was written in partnership with Expedia and ShopStyle


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