The Sunday Brief

March 9, 2018

Avocado Cocktail// Yes you can put them on your toast or even your face… but just when I think it can’t go any further enter the Avocado Cocktail. This recipe looks pretty delicious.

Panda Planner// Lately I have been feeling all over the place. I can’t decide if its due the worst winter storm in March that resulted in no power, no school and lots of wine.. oh wait that’s exactly it. I am going need this to get through the snow they are saying is coming again on Monday. Ok, fine. And more wine.

Currently Crushing On …. // $14 shades, circle bags, un-boring tops, and how cute are these scalloped pants?! P.S. Did you see the dress shop?!

Speaking of Snow // Anyone else have the idea to invite the neighbors over since you were all stuck home and then immediately write off the idea because you had the cheese but were out of crackers? Meet the “Always Ready to Host” bundle. One word: Genius!! P.S. This is from that site everyone is talking about where everything is just $3!

Martha Knows Best// What do white shoes and rosè have in common? They are now acceptable all year long.. thank you for clarifying Martha 🙂

Need a laugh?// My mom’s, sister’s, husband’s yoga instructor… otherwise known as my uncle’s friend is launching this hilarious mom comedy show. A nice reminder that you are not alone in this thing called #momming.

ICYMI // The youth boosting ingredient you can add to pretty much everything. My smoothie recipe right here.

Lucky Girl  // As per request, a little St. Patrick’s Day inspiration…

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