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What to Wear for a Family Photo

June 19, 2018

Let me just get right to it: summer time is the perfect time to stop time by taking a family photo. Many of you agree and have your photo sessions booked, but need help on what to wear. How do I know this? Our inbox is filled with requests about what to wear for a family photo! Professional photography sessions can be expensive, but they are an investment in a memory – a moment frozen in time, that will be likely be displayed on you wall for years to come. We get it. You want everyone to look their best. That’s where we come in!

To perfect the family photo we’ve created five color schemes that ditch the age old “navy and white” combination. Plus a few dos and dont’s from our resident photographer extraordinaire @photosbyalison (who is currently booking beach sessions at the Jersey shore all summer long!)


  • Let each family member show their personality!
  • Mix patterns for a more casual look
  • Clothes with texture (lace, linen, denim) photograph the best!


  • Stay away from logos
  • Skimp on the details… shoes (socks) and other accessories can make or break a picture
  • Don’t stress, let your smiles take center stage and remember that candid photos can be the best photos

Red, White and Black

Take the classic black and white photo to the next level with a pop of red. Floral and dot prints help to add texture to classic stripes.

the motherchic family photo

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Good as Gold

You can thank Amal Clooney for dubbing yellow as the color of the season. This golden hue will bring a fresh perspective to your family photos. Whether its ditsy florals or bold lace a few pops paired with bright whites creates a new classic combo.

the motherchic family photo

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Going Green

When in doubt utilizing matching prints is the easiest way to create a cohesive look. Even if your kids are pulling each other’s hair out 😉 Ground the color scheme with some of the shades from the print.

the motherchic family photo

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Not so Basic Navy

While navy and white may be the most classic combo, we wanted to switch it up with the addition of pink! This happy hue will add the perfect pop to any family photo!

the motherchic family photo

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Taste the Rainbow

And if the matchy-matchy color schemes just aren’t for you… GO BOLD! A variety of highlighter hues and graphic tees make for the most fun family photos.
the motherchic family photo

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We’d love to hear which scheme is your favorite!


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