The Sunday Brief

August 12, 2018

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Mini Me // As you may have caught on, Reformation is slowly becoming one of my new favorite brands. But when I was checking out some more flirty dresses to add to my closet, I came across these adorable dresses for little girls and my heart MELTED. Even better, they’re on sale right now (hint hint, Abby!!).


Now Trending //  The readers have spoken! These are the most coveted items of the week according to all of YOU! Casual cool in CAMO, Reader fave tunic (wear it two ways!), cascade cardigan, scalloped camisole  (closet staple for layering or wearing alone), twist knot top (restocked and all sorts of amazing!)

Winning With Oprah // It’s true — our favorite, ultra-inspiring woman Oprah has shared her top 5 tips on living a better life. If it’s coming from her it HAS to be true, right?! The resounding theme here is remaining positive in the moment, no matter how hard it seems (especially when all 4 of your kids need your attention all at the same time RIGHT NOW). Another personal favorite? Making “me” time everyday.

Skin Saver // Prone to monthly breakouts? My sister swears by this supplement that she has been taking for 6 months and hasn’t had a breakout since. Take it every morning to help regulate your hormones – but as always check with your doc first!

Baby Giraffe // I happen to get a lot of questions about my “mirror selfie pose” and sometimes explaining it can take a few steps. Turns out, I’m ahead of the trend (*pats self on the back*) and there’s an actual name for it — the Baby Giraffe pose. Yes, this is real. If you need a more flattering pose in pictures, apparently standing like a baby giraffe helps. Who. Knew.

Phone Party // I love Packed Party for fun little gifts & gift boxes, but they also have a bunch of free downloads for cute phone/laptop/iPad backgrounds. They change out every once in awhile, but right now there’s a La Croix-themed one. That’s all.

Boots with the fur// These reader favorite booties are stocked! But what socks to wear? These are my favorite. Speaking of favorites, this cardigan was the top item this week and the perfect layer.

That’s all I’ve got!


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