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September 2, 2018

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Labor Day // Anyone else mix up Memorial Day & Labor Day all. The. Time? Asking for a friend. Sad that summer has come to an end (though maybe slightly relieved that my kids are going back to school…) but happy that shopping never has to! Check out the roundup of amazing sales in this post here (you’re welcome).

Ok Ok Ok, here is what I actually bought // Many of you have asked and fair enough! Here is what I “treated” myself to…. because kids home alllll summer… we all deserve a little something for coming out smiling on the other end?!

#Goals // Can we talk about Serena Williams for a moment and just applaud her? Apparently she got in trouble for wearing a bodysuit to the US Open & was banned from wearing it, so what did she do next time? Showed up wearing a tutu. Game, set, match.

Did You Hear // This little thing called the Nordstrom Summer Sale is going on NOW and it’s oh so good. Yes, many of the items from the anniversary sale are back on sale – full post here.

Slather Worthy Vitamins // So excited to see that my two favorite vitamin C serums were named top products and BOTH available on Amazon. Here is the save version (could there be more stars?!) and here is the splurge version.

On the Side // Last BBQ of the season happening today (tear). Here are some drool worthy side dishes.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop // Sorry guys but the sales are just too good this weekend. If this bathing suit is available in your size, buy it (one of my favorites of all time and extra discount when you add to cart). Also these monogram hooks are under $6 and so cute for any bathroom or entryway! Check out the entire Anthro sale here and also worth noting, a lot of the furniture in The Motherchic HQ is on sale as well! Here is the post!

I like those Balenciagas // …the one that looks like…Joey Tribbiani?! Balenciaga has done it again — first it was the double shirt, now it’s a $9000 coat that basically just looks like you’re wearing a laundry pile. Or, as a lot of people have pointed out, looks like Joey from the Friends episode when he wears all of Chandler’s clothes. Style tip: Wear all of your clothes to get this look and save yourself a pretty penny. The same tip can also be applied for packing — it will save you lots on checked baggage fees.

“Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!”

And on that note… that’s all I’ve got!



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