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The Mother Minute: Meet Abby

September 5, 2018

mother minute

So I may have introduced her before, but allow me to re-introduce you to Abby. While she is my younger sister she also works with me on all things blog related. From styling to producing content to giving constructive criticism on my instagram stories.. she really does it all 😉 Here are three things to know about Abby.

  1. She is a belt fanatic, belt hoarder, belt aficionado… call it what you want. The girl loves belts. Her collection currently boasts over 30 belts!
  2. Abby prefers boxed wine over the finest Barolo’s. Just kidding. But she did take a class on wine tasting in college (seriously where were these classes when I was in college?) so the appreciation is there.
  3. She believes that she started the front tuck. But hey! when you are trying to show off your belts, gotta tuck in your top! So maybe she’s on to something.

Here are top ten items she is currently coveting for fall. And yes… she included a belt.

1 // A classic button down looks so fresh in black for fall.

2 // A subtle pop of red from these shades is pure perfection.

3 // Leopard, duh.

4 // These dark wash flares give you legs for days.

5 // This corduroy skirt is giving me all the <3 eyes.

6 // Loving layers and layers of gold.

7 // Because I don’t have this belt yet.

8 // Sometimes the statement makers are more subtle than you think.

9 // When in doubt, cashmere. Just don’t wear it around babies that spit up.

10 // This new mom needs all the help (from lack of sleep) she can get. A touch of blush does wonders on a tired face.


  • Donna Elicker
    September 21, 2018 at 12:08 am

    I LOVE all of Abby’s picks!

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