Mother Minute

Mother Minute: Kids Halloween Costumes

October 19, 2018

mother minute

We all know the feeling… it’s a few days before Halloween and your little one doesn’t want to be Taylor Swift anymore they want to be Selena Gomez. Batman instead of Spiderman? Poop Emoji instead of Mummy? You could get creative and try to “make” a new costume or you could zip onto Amazon and peruse there lengthy selection of Halloween costumes. Don’t have time for that either… well we rounded up some pretty adorable costumes for you. But if your kids are anything like my kids they will most likely be a football guy #eightyearsandrunning.

1 // Unicorn suit… do they make this in adult sizes?

2 // Is that Happy or Sleepy?

3 // I could literally eat you up 🙂

4 // Girl Power.

5 // How much is that doggy in the window?

6 // The doctor is ready to see you now.

7 // Paw Patrol... our latest obsession.

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