Stitch Fix for the Entire Family

December 14, 2018

Thank you to Stitch Fix and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

It’s funny to me that I am writing this post, because little known fact, but Stitch Fix was my segue into fashion blogging. About five years ago I ordered my first “fix” to see what all of the rage was about. I shared the contents of my fix on my blog and my readers seemed to take interest. Before I knew it, my fashion content was taking over my parenting content, and here we are today – a lot of fashion with a twist on motherhood weaved throughout. In all honesty, I was looking for an out from parenting blogging because, well, my kids started to catch on that I was telling stories about them to the world, but I digress. It’s pretty obvious that I enjoy shopping, but not so much for my husband and my kids. They can be so particular and it’s a lot of back and forth from stores until I get it right. Who has time for that?

Stitch Fix reached out and asked me to try out their services for kids and men and I couldn’t have been more excited! For those of you who are not familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a personal styling service where someone curates a box of apparel items (including shoes and accessories) that is 100% tailored to your unique style, fit requirements and budget. It’s a no brainer for busy adult, but also great for kids who have “aversions” to certain colors and only like clothes that “feel” a certain way (just mine?!). It’s so much easier to let someone else do the leg work. The best part is that you keep what you like, and send the rest back in a pre-labeled bag that comes with your fix completely free of charge. If you decide to keep everything, you get 20% off as a little perk.

After filling out “style profiles” for each of my kids, their fixes arrived and, yes, it was just like Christmas morning. Drumroll please……

The Motherchich Stitch Fix



I have never seen my boys so excited about clothes and I am kicking myself for not taking video! My boys mainly wear comfy sports clothes and when they saw brands like Under Amour, and Nike, and Converse, and Hurley in their fixes they pretty  much wanted to keep it all (surprise, surprise).

The Motherchic Stitch Fix

the motherchic Stitch fix

The Motherchic Stitch Fix

the motherchic Stitch fix

The boys certainly didn’t waist anytime trying on their new clothes…. apple doesn’t fall far 😉

My husband’s fix also included brands like Johnnie O and Stance (best socks ever) and helped to fill in some of the “weekend casual” holes he had in is wardrobe.

the motherchic Stitch fix

And ok ok ok… even though I have no problem shopping for myself, I scheduled a fix for myself because sometimes it’s great for brand discovery and also fun to see what someone else would pick out for you. My little try on session below….

the motherchic Stitch fix

This sweater, to be honest I wasn’t crazy about it until I tried it on! Definitely keeping!!

the motherchic Stitch fix

And while the fit and length of this sweater is perfect, I have a similar one already so I will probably send this one back.

the motherchic Stitch fix

There is no denying cute booties!! And even though I have a million pairs, I don’t have olive. KEEPING! Same goes for the jeans – and yes I know I have a denim problem.

the motherchic Stitch fix

I was so surprised to see outerwear in my fix! Although I loved the fit of this jacket, I recently bought a similar jacket so will be sending this one back.

Huge thanks to Stitch Fix for a fun morning all around!

Schedule your fix by creating your own profile HERE and let me know what you think!!!

  • Gwen
    December 14, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    I want the first sweater you’re wearing! Any way you could give us the brand? Love everything you got!

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