The Gift of Light with Lutron

December 20, 2018

Today’s post is one I am super excited about even though it’s a little different than my usual content. About a year ago we purchased the Caséta by Lutron smart light system for my office in attempt to make it more of a “smart home”. Fast forward to November, Lutron reached out to me to test out this exact system and my response…. “STOP!! I already have it and am obsessed!! Of course I want to tell the world about this product”. There are so many reasons I love this system and I’m going to try to narrow it down to 5 reasons. Bottom line, it’s the gift of light, when you need it most. It’s one of those things that you never knew you needed until you have it and it makes the most amazing gift. If you need something to wow your husband…. this!

The Motherchic Lutron Caseta


But first, what is the Caséta by Lutron smart light systemIt’s a wireless smart lighting system that operates manually, remotely and via app and also by voice.

Five Reasons I love the the Lutron Caséta Smartlight System……

Reason 1 // It’s like regular switch but 100 times better

Yes, Caséta by Lutron operates like a regular switch and you can manually dim/brighten with the touch of a button. The switch plates has a minimalist look and are super easy to install. Yes, even your husband will be able to do it.
The Motherchic Lutron Caseta

Reason 2 // Technology is a Beautiful Thing

Adjusting brightness by actually getting up to touch the switch is one thing, but if you are too busy/comfy to get up to adjust the lighting, there’s an app for that. The Lutron app turns the lights on and off and you can even dim them from your phone. The system also comes with mini remotes that you can also use to adjust the lighting and if you have a speaker system such a Sonos, those same remotes can be used on those systems. And speaking of such systems…. oh yes, you can sync your wireless lighting system with Alexa and tell HER to turn your lights on and off. Mind blown. But wait, there is more….

The Motherchic Lutron Caseta

The Motherchic Lutron Caseta


Reason 3 // Hands Free

Wouldn’t it be nice if your lights turned on when you entered your house? The Caséta by Lutron system has geofencing technology so that when you are approaching your house the lights will turn on. Also, if you have another smart home system, such Sonos Speakers, you can sync the systems so that the lights turn on when you walk into your home. I can’t remember the last time I walked into my house without a child on my hip, grocery bag in one hand, and the morning’s coffee mug in the other. And when I’m walking into my office, I’m always juggling my computer and, well, bags of clothes, obviously. When the lights just go on, it’s like “aaaah”. Thank you for taking one thing off my plate.

Reason 4 // It works REMOTELY

When I am at work, I can turn the lights on an off at my house which is great because we always leave in a rush and I ALWAYS forget to turn the lights off! And when I am at home, I can turn the lights on and off at my office because, yep, you guessed it… always rushing out of there too! If I happened to be on vacation in somewhere like……Paris (ha!), I could also turn my lights on and off from my phone.

The Motherchic Lutron Caseta


Reason 4 // Peace of Mind

But the main reason I love the Caséta by Lutron lighting system is for peace of mind. The app allows you to set schedules so that while you are traveling, which many people do around the holidays, the lights will randomly go on and off during designated times so it looks like someone is home. This is light in a whole new light!! Pun intended. I can travel knowing my home appears to be carrying on business as usual. And upon returning home, especially if at night, I can turn the lights on from my car so I come home to a well lit house. And the only thing better than that, is a CLEAN well lit house, but a girl can dream.

The Motherchic Lutron Caseta


The Motherchic Lutron Caseta

The Motherchic Lutron Caseta

The Motherchic Lutron Caseta

The Motherchic Lutron Caseta

Thank you to Lutron for sponsoring this post. 


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