Exciting News: Exclusive Collection to Launch at Nordstrom!

February 8, 2019

I’ve been keeping a little secret from all of you. No, mom, I’m not pregnant! For the last few months I’ve been working with the team at Gibson and eight other bloggers to create a very special collection for International Women’s Day. This exclusive collection will launch on March 8th at Nordstrom and was created with all of our readers in mind. Every piece in the collection has been named for the women involved and I can’t wait to share it with you!

The Motherchic international women's day

A few words on the collection itself….

Part of what makes my job so cool is that I get to interact with so many women on a daily basis and have a great understanding of the type of clothing that women actually WANT to wear. Versatility is key so you can bet that this entire collection can go from day to night and can easily be mixed and matched with staples that you already have in your own closet. It has been so fun to work with the team at Gibson and have a part in the design process. We were able to give our input on fit and style and fabric based on what we know works best with all of you! This collection is so unique because it has something for everyone and every body type.

Meet the women behind the International Women’s Day Collection….

If there is anything I have learned from my 5 years of blogging, a main takeaway would be that I wouldn’t be where I am today without a whole LOT of girls who have supported me (and I am referring to each and every one of you!). Whether it’s a reader sending in a sweet note about a top we shared that they felt great in, or a reader tagging their friend telling them they need to join our community, or a fellow blogger sharing advice about this unconventional career path, or a brand (Gibson, I’m talking to you!) giving women the opportunity to share their stories on a larger platform, it is truly amazing to see what can happen when women lift each other up. And with that, I’m so excited for you all to meet the other women involved in this special collection…..

Top Row:

Color & Chic | Living in Yellow | LoweCo Petite

Middle Row:

The Motherchic | Ruthie Ridley Blog | Mommy in Heels

Bottom Row:

Musings of a Curvy Lady | Roselyn Weaver | Mindy Cityy

Time to get a little mushy….

The fact that I am raising boys, makes this collection all that more meaningful. I vividly remember one day after I had my third son and was contemplating going back to work as a teacher or staying home. I decided to stay home and resigned myself to the fact that I didn’t have any other skills to ever become anything else. As a hobby I started writing a blog, and became so passionate about it, poured myself, my thoughts, and pieces of my life into to and didn’t make dime for years. Fast forward 5 years later, this passion project has turned into a full time career with a growing team. As a mom of four boys I am proud that my sons have seen my blog evolve. Even though they don’t realize it now, I hope I can teach them someday that taking risks, growing through trial and error, and being true to yourself helped me to create a path for myself that I could have never dreamed of. Being part of an International Women’s Day collection is most definitely one of those “is-this-really-happening” moments.

A collection that gives back…

Not only does this collection celebrate the unique stories and diversity of the women behind it, but it also gives back to eight different organizations. Each influencer has selected a charity to support as part of this collection. As a mom who has been so fortunate to have four healthy boys, I have selected the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as my charity. Every time I walk into that hospital (usually for a broken bone or stitches), I am quickly reminded how lucky our city is to have one of the best hospitals within our reach. Many of the families who are there are not there for broken bones, but for much more serious issues. As a mom I can’t even fathom – I can only hope for the best care possible which comes from the best research, the best technology, the best doctors, all of which is dependent upon our donations.

What to expect next…

Well for starters, I’ll be heading out to Seattle later this month to meet all of these women face to face. We will be photographing the entire collection to prepare for the launch which is just one month away. You can bet I’ll be sharing sneak peeks, behind the scenes and spending a lot of time thanking all of YOU for being here. Without your support I wouldn’t have these opportunities, so I’ll say it now and probably a million more times….. you all are just simply the best.

  • Tracy
    February 8, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    So exciting! Congratulations! I can’t wait to make some purchases for several good causes!

  • Sarah
    February 8, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    Congrats!!! Will Nordstrom be hosting an event in Seattle while you’re all here (asks this excited Seattle-ite)?

  • Dee
    February 8, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    Wow! Congratulations! Looking forward to all your great fashion ideas!

  • Shelley
    February 8, 2019 at 10:00 pm


  • Tally Whitmire
    February 8, 2019 at 10:38 pm

    This is so exciting and so deserved!! Congratulations to you and all of the other women!!!

  • Ann Mcnichols
    February 9, 2019 at 9:09 am

    Congratulations Lindsey, you are such an inspiration!

  • Pamela
    February 9, 2019 at 9:27 am

    That is so awesome. Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Andrea
    February 9, 2019 at 11:12 am

    So awesome! Can’t wait to see the collection and start following these amazing ladies.

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