TMC TESTED: Our Favorite Mascara

February 11, 2019

I recently switched mascaras after a few years of wearing the same one, and almost feel like I went through a break-up. Was it worth it? Do I REALLY like my new mascara, or is it just because it’s something new and exciting? I have to say I’m siding with the latter of my thoughts but to be fair I decided to do a mascara test with the rest of my team. We each brought in our favorite mascaras we use on a daily basis to compare the following – lengthening, volume, curl, brush. Check out our findings below from our mascara test! P.S. We curled and applied mascara to one eye only to see the amazing difference!

the motherchic wearing mascara

Diorshow Iconic by Dior

This mascara brings the wow-factor, if you can’t tell! Definitely the best for lengthening, and the curl of the brush help give your lashes a little extra body and curl as well.

the motherchic wearing mascara

Diorshow Iconic mascara

Peacock Flare by Cover Girl

The best bang for your buck! This one is also great for lengthening. Abby said she gets the waterproof version of this because she finds it holds the curl in her lashes better. Just remove easily with eye makeup remover at night!

the motherchic wearing mascara

Peacock Flare mascara

Better Than Sex by Too Faced

Arguably one of the most popular mascaras, we find that this one is the queen of volumizing with a touch of lengthening. If your lashes are few and far between, this is the one for you!

the motherchic wearing mascara

Better Than Sex mascara

Splurge vs Save Comparison

Abby found that the Diorshow mascara went very smooth, separated her lashes while lengthening them and made them feel feathery. The Peacock Flare is a little stiffer going on (probably because of the waterproof element) but held her curl a lot better. She felt that the Diorshow was maybe for a special occasion and not for everyday like the Peacock Flare.

the motherchic wearing mascara

Primer vs No Primer Comparison

To prime or not to prime? In terms of lashes, of course. Primers help coat your lashes pre-mascara for a little extra volume and length. You can tell my lashes with the primer are more defined and slightly thicker than without. I like to use primers for special occasions like a night out/date night, weddings, etc. but of course you can use every day if you’d like!

the motherchic wearing mascara


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  • Mary Ann
    February 20, 2019 at 11:14 am

    Have you ever tried a lash lift and tint in a salon? I am a salon owner and have done it. You would love it especially before a vacation week! no need for mascara or eyelash curler. lasts 4-6 weeks (4 for me)

    • Lindsey
      February 22, 2019 at 12:29 pm

      I haven’t! I did extensions before though! I like them but not the maintenance

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