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February 12, 2019
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A brush, is a brush, is a brush, right? If only it was that easy we’d all love our hair and how easy and quick it is to style it each morning. (Can I get an A-men?) What if the issue isn’t that you don’t have good hair, but the issue is you’re not using the right tools for your hair type? You want smoothness but end up with frizz? You want more volume but always end up with flat hair? Stephanie Cleck, founder of Concihairge is here to help! She has created the brush guide below to see if what you’re using is right for your hair type AND the outcome you want. Have questions? Happy to help, send em’ on over!

Detangling Brush

Gentle enough to use on all hair types, even when the hair is wet (which is the weakest state for hair).

Vented Brush

Perfect for blow drying quickly (the vents allow the air to circulate).

Smoothing aka Boar Bristle Brush

Perfect for thick and or/coarse hair. Distributes the natural oils and helps smooth hair.

Styling for Fine, Straight Hair

The ceramic material of these brushes allows for better heat control and ability to achieve a voluminous look. (TIP: Make sure the hair is 90% dry prior to using a round brush on the hair)

Styling for Thick, Coarse, or Wavy Hair

The longer your hair is the larger the barrel of your brush should be.

Making Those Beachy Waves Wave

After a hairstylist curls a client’s hair, to create the ever-popular waves he/she typically uses a wide tooth comb to relax the curls.

Written by Stephanie Cleck @Concihairge

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