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The Men’s Capsule Wardrobe

February 14, 2019

Let me just clear the air on something. I don’t have the best reputation with my reader’s husbands. Well, at first. This is how the story usually goes…

Husband: Honey, what are all these packages recently?

Wife: Oh, just my personal stylist suggesting some things for me.

Husband: Well, is your personal stylist going to pay our credit card bill?

Wife: (Enters the room looking fabulous and feeling confident.)

Husband: Can she suggest some things for me too?

My husband on the other hand thinks he is stylish and 30% of the time he is. But the other 70% I am still working on. Hence the reason for no male model in this post. Yes, we’ve been together since high school so you’d think that I would of been a little further along by now. But at this point if I can get him to match his socks I call that a win.

I have however picked a few tips and tricks along the way around some of his favorite brands (that happen to be my favorite too). Like these Lululemon pants that he just LOVES. And these sneakers that my whole family now owns. But when in doubt a quarter zip pullover can always pull a look together. I’ve also found that having a little fun with accessories like hats, ties, even belts can be a little confidence boost. Similar to the feeling when you find the perfect bootie. Whatever your guys style is these little tricks will help him to build the perfect wardrobe.

The 9-5 and 5-9

This is what I like to call the meat and potatoes of the capsule wardrobe. This is where the staples or investment pieces come into play. A few nice shirts and pants will be the base of the wardrobe. Followed by some classic shoes for every day wear.

Dress Shirt | Lace Up Shoes | Pants | Casual Shirt | Boat Shoes

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Weekend Warrior

Layers and accessories is where your guy can show of his fashionable side or as I like to tell my husband… his personality. Because wearing my son’s winter hat doesn’t really count as fashionable (or practical for that matter). An interesting vest can add some texture to a simple look. While a hat and belt can show off his true colors.

Hat | 3/4 Pullover | Jeans | Vest | Belt

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Play All Day

Sometimes we skimp on the “activity” portion of the guy’s wardrobe. This is actually where I think the best gifts are for guys. A great pair of sunglasses, the perfect swim trunks and the coolest sandals are definitely something he wouldn’t buy himself.

Sunnies | Shorts | Sun Shirt | Bathing Suit | Sandals

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