If You Could Register All Over Again….

February 27, 2019

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Is it just me or would you do everything differently if you could register all over again?! I was 24 when I got married and the only thing I knew how to cook was grilled cheese. Days after I said “yes” I found myself standing in in the middle of Macy’s with a sparkly new ring on my left hand and scan gun in my right. It took everything in me not to head straight to the designer handbag section and eat off paper plates for the rest of my life….

When you’re young, in love, planning a wedding, and excited to live as a party of two, your registry probably included some fancy martini glasses you plan to use when you invite friends over for cocktails, dim sum sets for sushi night in, and china because your mama told you to. Ten years later the martini glasses are collecting dust and taking up prime cabinet real estate, the dim sum sets have become finger paint trays (and you quickly realize that if you order takeout, you are probably just going to eat right out of the takeout container because…. who wants to do dishes?!) And you got the china because your mama told you to, but yep, still wrapped individual in plastic still waiting for the fancy to happen.

Ok actually I lied, it’s 13 years later. But if someone happened to grant me a fairy wand in the form of that coveted little scan gun, I would know exactly what I need to add to my registry. First stop, pots and pans and LOTS of them because feeding a family of six is no joke. And if you want something to stand the test of time – just like your marriage – you need to go for top notch quality. All-Clad is simply the best and their 7-piece set has everything you need to complete your kitchen. Whether I’m making bolognese (yes, I’ve moved beyond grilled cheese in the past decade), scrambled eggs, or one pot chicken and quinoa – this set has a pot or pan for every meal.

The motherchic using all-clad from macy's
The motherchic using all-clad from macy's
The motherchic using all-clad from macy's
The motherchic using all-clad from macy's
The motherchic using all-clad from macy's

What else would round out my registry fantasy, you ask? My next stop would be wine glasses because those DEFINITELY get a lot of use in my house, then some really nice knives, and the best coffee machine money can buy. A girl can dream…..

Whether you are getting married or just need to do that 10 year update – Macy’s has you covered for your registry! What would you all register for if you could do it all over again?! And if you are attending an upcoming wedding, you can search for registries here.

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