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Best Leggings

April 15, 2019
mother minute

Possibly one of the greatest fashion debacles — are leggings real pants? I vote yes and here is why. There are workout leggings, and then there are “fancy” leggings, all of which can be worn out of the house with some variation of a top and shoes. Case in point, leggings are real pants (I totally could have been a lawyer). When you’re not crushing it in the gym, your “casual” leggings can be paired with a long tunic and an easy pair of mules to slide on and go. Talk about cool mom on the go outfit! I’ve narrowed down some of my favorite leggings between casual and workout. Go ahead, show the world your leggings are pants girl!

Faux leather leggings (1st & 3rd picture) | Marbled leggings | Colorblock leggings

Workout Leggings

Casual Leggings

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