Meet The Motherchic Team

April 15, 2019

I know you thought that I did this all by myself, but there is no way that this blog would be what it is today without my team! And also my husband. And also my mom. And while I’m at it my dad too. Heck the whole family! Let’s just say that I have a pretty incredible support system. I wanted to take a minute and highlight the ladies behind the scenes. They help me answer reader questions, take pictures of my feet (lol), research fashion trends for blog content, scour the internet for the best sales, analyze data, work with brands, style photoshoots, help create these really cool videos, proofread and edit, manage emails….. and hold my coffee (kidding I’m not that much of a diva) and well the list goes on. Without further adieu… meet the team.

Meet Christine

Resident puff sleeve specialist and taco aficionado

the motherchic team

Did you know that Christine did competitive Irish Dancing for 14 years? She also makes her own marinade for her famous chicken fajitas. You will always find her with the perfect shade of lipstick in her bag (because you never know when you’re going to bump into John Krasinski). Her fashion choices are inspired by Olivia Palermo’s fearless print mixing and edgy silhouettes. She is our team unicorn and you will never find her in a Juicy jumpsuit, again.

Christine’s Must-Haves

1 Printed Midi Skirt // I absolutely love skirts and love this brand. I love being able to throw on a tee or tank for a casual look on the go! 2 Straw bag // Updating my current Mom Bag to something for the spring/summer season. Also a great beach bag!

2 Facial spray // Because after a day in the hot sun (or theme park, hike, etc) spritzing this on your face is a DREAM. I love this one.

3 Espadrilles // The espadrille is like a spring version of a boot to me — I have so many, but what’s one more, adorable pair?!

4 Straw bag // Updating my current Mom Bag to something for the spring/summer season. Also a great beach bag!

Meet Liz

Beer loving Lioness

the motherchic team

Don’t try to arm wrestle Liz, because she will win. And when you lose she will most likely make you cookies. Really good cookies. Liz happens to be Lindsey’s older sister who runs the scenes behind the scenes. Her family doesn’t eat chicken, because she has 6 of them. Her fashion icon is Lulu Lemon with a side of oversizes sunglasses. When she isn’t dreaming of sunny Florida she is #wishingyouwerebeer.

Liz’s Must-Haves

1 Printed Mini Skirt // Don’t skirt the issue. Skirts are cool and happen to be part of my summer uniform.

2 Striped Tank // There is more than one reason that this a best seller.

3 Rose Body Lotion // The proof is in the pudding. Once you smell this lotion you will toss aside your generic one f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

4 Sandals // I have this problem with hoarding gift cards and never using them. Until I saw these sandals.

Meet Alison

Hands down the best photographer ever #biased

the motherchic team

Alison’s Amazon orders may have once included some of the following: toe separators, calf inserts, and posture correctors. Leave it to Alison to test out anything and everything, because she leaves nothing to surprise her. Alison keeps Lindsey grounded during photoshoots because she knows a thing or two about wrap skirts and wind. We are pretty sure she would be walking barefoot around the north shore of Oahu if she wasn’t snapping photos, fully clad in her favorite tie dye tee of course. And no, those candy wrappers in her bag are not from her, definitely from her kids, definitely.

Alison’s Must-Haves

1 Jean Shorts // I am shore girl so jean shorts are a necessity. I’ll be there all summer if you need me.

2 Sunglasses // In the case or on your face.

3 Sandals // Pretty sure I am a minimalist at heart, but also these flip flops have just enough support.

Meet Abby

Comedian, table for 1.

the motherchic team

Oh Abby, this one laughs at her own jokes, thinks she invented the half tuck, and tries to convince the team she is actually Joanna Gaines’ long lost sister (on a daily basis). Abby is Lindsey’s younger sister, but unlike Liz her go to meal is chicken, anything with chicken. If she isn’t dreaming about Oreos, I mean Italy, wait is that a butterfly. Let’s just say she has a wondering mind and the most common phrase out of her mouth is “no worries”. But also did you see that Lion King trailer?

Abby’s Must-Haves

1 Open Sweater // I am sucker for anything white, little white dress, white blouses, white sweaters.

2 Sweet Scallops // Stop the sweetness. This bikini is the perfect mix of sporty and scalloped.

3 Vitamin E Oil // I recently jumped on the oil train and this stuff is liquid gold.

4 Snake Print Sandal // Every girl needs a shoe that makes them feel fabulous, this is the one for me.

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