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Getting Our Kicks with Under Amour

July 17, 2019

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Remember when summer used to be all about relaxation? Sleeping in, laying on the beach for hours on end, taking a leisurely walk (but only maybe). Four kids later, my summer looks a lot different. It’s go go go…. GO! Which is why I should not be surprised that at a recent weekend getaway to the shore, we were up at 7:30am and on the courts an hour later.

The Motherchic wearing Under Armour
The Motherchic wearing Under Armour

I am not much of a basketball player, but my boys love the sport, so I do my best to humor them. While I may be losing at a game of HORSE and most definitely losing at a game of knockout, at least I am moving. The only benefit of always getting knocked out early is that I can do some plyometrics on the sideline while I wait for the next round. 

The Motherchic wearing Under Armour

My kids pretty much only wear Under Amour so I am constantly on the site looking for whatever new gear we need for the “sport of the moment”. Somehow, and this will probably not surprise any of you, I find myself browsing the women’s section EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Honestly, I have no clue how that happens? Maybe it’s a subconscious urge to want to match my kids, or at the very least impress them that I, too, am wearing Under Armour. Yes kids, top athletes of the world AND your very own mom, wearing Under Armour, but I digress…. The new summer arrivals are SO good. I am loving the banded shorts and sports bras, and give me a sneaker I can just slip my foot into and I’m a happy girl. 

The Motherchic wearing Under Armour

My boys both just got the Pre-School UA Curry 6 basketball sneakers. As a mom, I love that they are not a “true” high top which means they are easier to get on. And I have no clue what the laces are made of, but they are the one shoe that actually stays tied. My kids, on the other hand, love them because they are “Steph Curry” sneakers and come in really fun colors. SO, there’s also that.

The Motherchic wearing Under Armour sneakers
The Motherchic wearing Under Armour sneakers
The Motherchic wearing Under Armour sneakers

And for those thinking that I should just have one more kid so that I have my very own basketball team, you’re right. I could. But then I wouldn’t get to play… so yeah. Not happening! 

The Motherchic wearing Under Armour


Sports Bra (wearing S) | Tee | Shorts (wearing S) | Sneakers 

Boys Wearing:

Freedom Flag Tee | USA Shorts | Pre-School UA Curry 6

Stunt Short | Plate Icon Tee | Pre-School UA Curry 6

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