The Sunday Brief

September 1, 2019

Dresses & Trends & Sales, Oh My!// This week at TMCHQ we rounded up the top fall trends you’ll want to follow, our favorite fall dresses under $100 & NSALE 2.0 (oh yes). Guess we’re fall-ing in love with the idea of fall over here!

Add to Cart // The most popular NSALE restock and re-on sale (is that a term?) is this super cozy pullover. Do yourself a favor if you don’t already have it! Also, my favorite pair of jeans from the sale are back on sale again as well – a bit of a splurge but the fit is insane. Be prepared for booty compliments. Shop the entire Nordstrom Summer Clearance here.

Fight or Flight// The crazy reason that babies stop crying when you stand up.

Dawson’s Creek// We aren’t too sure about Katie Holmes new lewk, but oddly reminds us of this Seinfeld episode.

Head in Hands// The last thing I purchased on Amazon is so ridiculous, but will probably get the most use this fall out of any other purchase. Plus a whole slew of other completely necessary items I found on Amazon…

Motherchic Book Club// Completely coincidently the Motherchic team has all recently read these three books: Educated, My Friend Anna, and The Overdue Life of Amy Byler. What else is on your reading list this year?

What is?// returning to Jeopardy. Let’s all agree that we are all cheering for Alex Trebek’s return.

The Sale Edit

All the best Labor Day Sales are in this post over here! Enjoy the holiday weekend with your loved ones 💕

That’s all I’ve got!


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