Family Photo

Family Photos: Fall Edition

September 9, 2019

Once the back to school rush as subdued it feels like the holidays are hauntingly close. And that means family picture time! Getting coordinating outfits for each family member can be daunting and stressful. Obviously this task is much easier when the children can talk yet, but I have entered the stage where each of my littles has an opinion. And if it was up to them they would wear their sports clothes. Ok, don’t get me wrong I would happily let them wear their sports clothes if they could all smile at the same time. But let’s get serious. That is never going to happen.

I always like to start with what am I going to wear first and then plan my families outfits around it. This fall we are seeing lots of vintage florals, plaids for days, and the “it” color of the season: green. If coordinating by color is not your thing I love a classic black and white theme grounded in denim.

It is no secret that we LOVE doing these posts. We’ve done them a lot. There is actually a whole section dedicated to family photo outfit ideas on the blog. Just click here.

Modern Vintage

Fall florals are perfect for a family photo. Ditsy textural prints photograph beautifully, but should be used sparingly. Vintage prints mixed with modern silhouettes is our favorite theme for the fall season.

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Fall Foliage

Green is the “it” color of the season and is so easy to incorporate with other fall colors. Burgundy hues and marigold pops blend beautifully with moss and evergreen. Adding textural touches and mixing print sizes will create a cohesive look.

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Black, White and Blue

Ok, if you were lost with the last theme then this one is for you. Classic black and white mixed with jeans is a no-brainer. Just be sure to add in some textural elements such as lace or small prints.

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Cute in Corduroy

I saw this plaid sweater and immediately needed to incorporate it into this post. I love the subtle plaid with the exaggerated sleeve. It also gave me an excuse to mix in corduroy. There is something about kids in corduroy that just pulls at my heart strings. Guessing it’s because I am an 80s baby.

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