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Best of Sunglasses

September 25, 2019
mother minute

One of the most underrated accessories of all time is a good pair of sunglasses. I have to admit that I probably own almost as many pairs of sunglasses as I do jeans…almost. But what can I say?! They help hide tired eyes first thing in the morning when dropping my kids off and chic up my sideline outfits at their soccer games. Not to mention they’re also pretty much an essential for any other outdoor activity (wine tasting counts, right?!).

My usually go-to’s are ones that are kid-proof, aka I won’t be devastated when, inevitably, they get broken somehow and will need to be replaced. The splurge ones are for more adult outings 😉 I decided to round up the best of sunglasses at a number of price points so you can find your favorite on whatever your budget is!

Under $50

Mirrored Sunglasses

Under $150

Cat-eye Sunglasses

Over $150 + Splurge

Gucci Sunglasses

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