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Top 20 Holiday Gifts 2019

November 1, 2019

Refill your mug and don’t go anywhere, except the comfiest corner of your couch! Our Top 20 Holiday Gifts are here! Before you panic, yes, our full holiday gift guide is coming with approximately 547 gift ideas for everyone you could dream of. However, there is something to be said for a highly curated list of some of my personal favorites.

Fleece lined slipper socks | Pajama Set

Top 20 Holiday Gift Ideas

I live in these sneakers. Yes they are a splurge, but like I said, I live in them. Made in Italy and come in the coolest of the cool color combos.

I’m going to call this gift for him “elevated practical”. Yes, it is just a button down shirt, but the fabric, the fit, the cool factor, the fact that it is REVERSIBLE all take it up a notch from your basic button down. Check out more from this brand here.

Perfect for your mom/mother-in law or bestie who loves the environment and wants to walk around in the most adorable shoes make of you guessed it…. recycled plastic.

Quite possibly the top rated scent in all of the land. Also it’s unisex, so basically means it’s the perfect gift for anyone!

Not ready to get your kids a cell phone, but sometimes you (secretly) wish they had one so you could find them? Enter the screen-less GPS tracker/walkie talkie. Buying. One. In. Every. Color.

One for the hostess, one for the over-worked teacher, one for person who is impossible to shop for. Who doesn’t need this insanely cool wine aerator?

Maybe it’s a white elephant gift? Or a gift for your new (gasp) teenage driver, but when they turn the best selling candle into a car diffuser, someone definitely needs it.

Hands down, this is one of the most used toys in my household.

Maybe I just spend way too many Friday nights in, but I feel like this toy would go over really well, especially after a glass of wine. Ok ok ok it’s for the kids (the toy, not the wine), but would make for a fun family night in activity!

Buying clothes for someone else can be awkward, BUT when it’s “one size” and by Barefoot Dreams, it’s everything but awkward. How gorgeous is this? For your mom? Mother-in-law? Yourself!

Got a millennial on your hands? I feel like this cool plant growing gadget belongs right near their city apartment sink.

My dinners rarely (never) come out perfect, but the ratings on this kitchen appliance are WAY up there in that perfection range. Calling this the “it” foodie item the season.

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  • Angie
    November 1, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    Great list of holiday gift ideas – TY! Wondering what is your favorite unisex scent of the Le Labo? TIA!

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