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It’s Family Pajama Time

November 19, 2019
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One of my favorite things is when my kids, yes, all my kids, climb into my bed in the morning. It is a calm moment when little brother is snuggled up to big brother and *gasp* actually enjoying it. Nothing can ruin this moment for me, even if it is a nanosecond of time. The only thing that could possibly make this nanosecond better… matching pajamas. I’m not quite sure what it is, but matching pajamas just make everything better. Bow ties and velvet blazers would be nice, but the likelihood of getting my boys to wear matching outfits would be slim to none. That’s why matching pajamas is something we can all agree on. Yes, me included!

Macy’s has created a one-stop shop for anyone interested in joining in on the matching pajama fun. My kids have already dubbed these as their lucky snow day pajamas, so there will be no need for unattainable promises of gifts or sweets for me to convince them to wear them. Bonus points for the range of sizes, prints and silhouettes for all members of the family. Double bonus points because Fido is also included.

These matching pajamas are also a perfect excuse to get a good holiday family photo, without the huff and puff of getting all dressed up. The options are endless and the kids are happy. I am calling this a win in my book!

Shop the Matching Pajamas we are wearing here.

More matching pajamas to add to the party below…

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