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To DYE for Tie Dye Socks

March 25, 2020

While spending more time home with the kids these days, like all of you I’m sure, It has become a challenge to keep them active and away from video games and technology. So with tie-dye all the rage right now I thought tie dye socks could be a fun activity for the boys and I to do together. Crafting may not be tops on my 4 boys lists of things to do, but when I told them it involved Nike and getting dirty they were all in. Below is a list of items you will need and instructions on how to tie-dye your own socks! Have fun and peace out people!

The motherchic tye dye socks

Items needed for Tie Dye Socks
1 medium sized bowl of water (large enough to soak socks in)

A pair of white socks (My boys like Nike but any solid, 100% cotton white sock can be used) 

Tie Dye Paint Kit

Zip or tied Baggies

Step 1 – Soak each sock in bowl of water. Wring out sock. This will allow to absorb paint.
Step 2 – Open Tie Dye Kit and fill bottles up with water. Instructions and rubber bands included in kit.
Step 3 – Scrunch up sock in random way and wrap rubber bands around in different areas. I used two rubber bands and created a T or X shape with the bands.
Step 4 – Apply paint to different areas sectioned off with the rubber bands.
FYI- Mixing together yellow and purple, or Fuchsia and Green, or Turquoise and Orange all make the color brown.
Step 5 – Make sure to apply paint to all sides of the sock.
Step 6 – Add each pair of socks to a baggie and let sit overnight or longer.
Step 7 – After sitting overnight or longer, throw socks into the washer with your usual detergent. Be sure to wash all dyed socks alone so the color doesn’t run on any of your other belongings.
Step 8 – After wash, throw in dryer.
Step 9 – Once dry, rock your tie dye socks!

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