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April 7, 2020

I was talking to some friends yesterday and it dawned on us that we don’t have a whole lot of new stuff to talk about because we aren’t doing a whole lot these days. Our days consist of lots of walks, lots of family time, lots of time to think about what to make for dinner and work on home projects and lots of highs and lows in between. Everyone has different quarantine stories and we thought it would be a great opportunity to document this very unique time in our lives. We also created a printable checklist so you can document what you’ve been doing and what you hope to accomplish during this time at home. The printable is meant to be a week-at-a glance so you can add things as you go and also plan ahead.

the Motherchic quarantine stories

We hope this printable helps you organize your time a little better and also gives you something to look back on and know that you made the most of this time!

And now onto our quarantine stories. Over the next week or so the entire Motherchic Team will be sharing our own quarantine stories. Abby is kicking it off with lots of honesty and LOTS of cuteness (says the totally unbiased doting aunt)…..

Abby’s Quarantine Story…..

Every night around 6:30 pm my husband comes home from work and when the kids hear the door unlock there little eyes light up. “Daddy’s Home!” I never thought I would miss hearing those words more. Luckily, my kids are young enough that they think we are on a temporary vacation, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still adjusting to this “new normal”. My husband and I split time between working and playing with the kids. We have found some activities that have been both educational and fun, but have also watched Frozen 2 more times than I’d like to share. We’ve cooked countless amounts of meals, taken more walks than we ever before, spent more time together than I thought was possible. Yet the thing I miss most is being missed… So, to remember this time together, here is our story in a photo montage.

Meet the Family

the Motherchic quarantine stories

Alison (@photosbyalison) snapped this #frontstepsproject photo for us. The perfect memory of this time together.

Free Activities

When the weather cooperates we try to get outside as much as possible. Whether it is going for a scavenger hunt to find squirrels and sticks or just walking in our fancy dresses outdoor time has been key.

The Motherchic quarantine stories
Snack time outside – real clothes optional.
Walking our pretend dog in fancy dresses
Free Nail Salon

Free Car Wash
Puddle Jumpers
Lots and Lots of Puddles

Things We Bought

Having a planned activity, like checking the status of our seedlings, have helped us have things to look forward to. We also realized we needed a few more indoor activities with all the rain, which have exceeded expectations.

Stretching our green thumb

More Seed Kits Here

Tracing Letters Book

Tracing Book Here

Over the Door Basketball Hoop

More over the door hoops here


So many meals, so many dishes. I wish I bought more dish soap rather than paper towels, but I digress. My husband and I eat dinner after the kids every night to keep some time to ourselves. AKA date night, every night. I also made a whole roast chicken for the first time ever, because I panicked in the grocery store and bought one… hoarding at its finest?

A smoothie a day…

Smoothie Recipe Here


To say that the last few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions would be an understatement. Mostly I feel helpless for those who are sick, but then so grateful that I have my health. Trying to make the most of this time, but wishing every minute it was over. We have cried, laughed, stayed up late, face-timed our family, screamed in the street for no reason, screamed at each other for no reason, but most of all we’ve done a lot of hugging – something I’ve never been more grateful for.

And that’s my quarantine story so far…. more to come!

  • Samantha
    April 8, 2020 at 9:05 am

    Those girls are adorable! Thanks for sharing your story, Abby. Also, I love and will use the printable.

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