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May 8, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you all! Really all I want is to spend the day with my boys outside in the sun. Fingers crossed we all have the beautiful weather we deserve this weekend! This week flew by…. maybe that is because we don’t get ourselves moving as early these days? Does any kid have a bed time anymore? Just not mine? Anyway, answering a few questions I got on Instagram this week below….

Q: How many times per week do you run?

A: During the quarantine I have definitely upped my running. It’s my mental escape and I’ve found my runs getting a little longer. I run 4-5 times per week these days and they range between 3 and 5 miles. On the days in between I do Bulldog Yoga or bootcamp on my Peloton Tread – I like both of these workouts for core strength and toning.

Q: Favorite Firming Anti-Aging Eye Cream?

A: This eye cream is what I have been using for the past 6 months and I really like it. It’s pricey but a little goes a long way. For a quick fix, especially for under eye bags, this product is great. I am always trying new things and anxiously awaiting the arrival of this overnight eye mask!

Q: Why is it so hard to find tie dye sweats? Can you share some?

A: See below!

Q: Besides working out, what is your favorite way to self-care and decompress?

A: I turned my side porch into a little at-home haven and it really is my happy place. We have a porch swing that is so soothing so I love sitting there and listening to music. Another favorite form of self-care is putting a few drops of this lavender roller ball onto my pulse points and doing meditation on the Calm app. I do this every night before bed!

Q: How are you keeping your kids busy?

A: Honestly, they are getting pretty bored, especially when my husband and I are working and we can’t entertain them. Luckily they are able to get outside when it’s nice and play street hockey with each other and ride bikes. Below are a few quarantine purchases I’ve made to help keep them occupied! Lucky for me 3 of my boys had birthday’s this month!


Tank | Shorts


Cardigan | Pants

Use code MOTHERCHIC25 for 25% off the set!


Sweater | Jeans | Sandals


Dress (size up if in between)


Dress (use code MOTHERCHIC25) | Sandals


Strawberry Tee | Lou & Grey Sweats | Slippers

(He is sad bc his brother stole his face mask. I’ll file that one under things I never thought I would write)

Happy Weekend!

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