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June 12, 2020
mother minute

We are living in quite unprecedented times right now. It is a time to stop and reflect. How can we be more kind to each other? How can we understand and celebrate each other’s differences? How can we educate our children and ourselves about people living outside the four walls of our homes. June is Pride month and the perfect opportunity to celebrate and learn more about the LGBTQ community.

In reading the book Untamed, by Glennon Doyle, she talks about how young children around the age of 10 start hiding their inner selves. As a mom of young boys right around that age I want to foster a home environment where they feel loved and confident to have open conversations as they are come into their own. I also want my children to be aware and accepting of other kids and families that are different than our own. As with everything, it starts with a conversation.

There are so many resources from books and podcasts to movies that can help to educate not only the LGBTQ community, but on all people who have historically been treated unfairly.

Book Resources

This Is How It Always Is: A Novel by Laurie Frankel

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

The Book of Pride by Mason Funk

Books for Kids

Julien is a Mermaid By Jessica Love

This Day in June By Gayle E. Pitman

It Feels Good to Be Yourself by Theresa Thorn

It makes me so happy to see so many of my favorite retailers celebrating Pride month with rainbow everything! My mom even found a six pack of beer brewed in the spirit of equality and inclusion, Love Hazy IPA Pride Edition, where a donation will be made to the Oakland LBGTQ Community Center. We’ve curated a Pride boutique below so we can all celebrate that love is love.


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