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Summer Towels

June 24, 2020
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Beach towels, pool towels, summer towels, lake towels, camp towels. SO. MANY. TOWELS. But how is it that every summer when we go to grab our towels there are never enough! It’s like the tale of the “Laundry Machine Ate My Socks!” Where do they all go?? I always check the lost and found at the end of the summer and not one of the million towels left over are mine. And then there are the days when my boys don’t want to use my pretty, floral, girly towel. They want the shark towel or baseball towel. A towel is a towel right? Or so I thought. But there are many different kinds of towels. 

Summer Beach Towels

summer towels

Let’s start off with the good, old fashion Basic towel. They are 100% cotton and durable. And so many fun colors and patterns. Enough said! Also, love these in a classic stripe!

Then we have our microfiber towel which is quick drying, doesn’t trap the sand and is perfect for travel and vacations!

Round towels, they not only look cool and have pretty designs but they are big enough to share with a friend! They are also the perfect way to claim your six feet of socially distant space.

If your vacation was cancelled a towel with your favorite place on it may just do the trick. These towels are so gorgeous that if you put a sprinkler in your backyard it may just transport you to the tropics.

Lastly, and a personal favorite summer towel is the Turkish style towel. If you haven’t used one these before they take some getting used to. They are super light and very quick drying. Best part is the sand doesn’t get stuck in all those nooks and crannies.

So whichever towel you go to grab this summer don’t forget to write your name on it or add these cool towel tags to stake your claim!

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