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Everything You Need for At-Home Learning

August 20, 2020
The Motherchic at-home learning

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These past 5 months quite honestly have beeen an endless summer and my kids are loving it! But I can hear the school bell in the distance and it is reminder of what’s to come. Whether your kids are all virtual learning or some form of hybrid, the only way for things to work and run smoothly is if we set up a schedule and get organized. We can do this people! Here are some great tips and suggestions for getting your home ready for at-home learning.

Step 1: Get Visual

The Motherchic at-home learning

First things first, we all should have a calendar, and one that is visible for all to see and know what to expect for the day, the week, and the month ahead. Even if you have new readers and early learners in your family, this is a great way to help them learn the days of the week and the months! See you are already teaching! A+! Here is a whiteboard calendar that works with dry erase makers Or how cool is this magnetic one that is perfect for hanging on your refrigerator. Change up the marker colors to reflect each child, subjects, and downtime. This is also a task the kids can help with.

Step 2: Set up a Space

Second, find a learning space for your child. One that is away from all distractions like toys and electronics. Desks are hard to come by these days so if you find one you like, grab it! But there are other spaces your child can sit and learn. It could be a kitchen table or a makeshift desk in the living room or bedroom. A small folding table is an option as long as the table has enough space for your learning essentials. Younger children could even use this portable lap desk.

Step 3: At-Home Learning Organization!

The Motherchic at-home learning

Now that you have your space, let’s get organized! This rolling storage cart is perfect for storing notebooks,  pens and pencils, along with arts and craft supplies. TIP—label the drawers to represent each subject with this label maker.

If space is an issue, this over the door hanging organizer is a no brainer! It allows your child to keep his/her books and supplies all in one space. And this 5 piece wall storage system is great for keeping the work area clutter free! 

When setting up your child’s at-home learning area it’s important that things are within reach, so this 5 tray organizer is perfect for them to store and grab what they need as they go throughout their day. And for those who are mostly virtual learning, the computer may take up a bit of space but with the help from this desk monitor stand it not only raises the computer or laptop to eye level, but it provides storage for notebooks, pens and pencils and so much more! 

Step 4: Best Part of the Day

The Motherchic at-home learning

And because no school day is complete without a gym class or recess time, this sports rack will not only keep things tidy but it’s the perfect reassurance for kids to know that if they work hard they can play hard too! Even if you just take sports/outdoor play and organize them in a new way, it will feel fresh to your kids. We also included a jump rope for rainy days or for kids who don’t have much outdoor space. Hoola hoops can double as a personal space marker for kids who are working in learning pods. And lastly, mediation cards are the perfect mental escape. Kids are never too young to start learning about mindfulness.

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