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August 26, 2020
ask the motherchic

It’s getting to be a busy time of the year. Wrapping up the end of summer, back to school is in full swing, and getting organized for what’s to come. All of it! And with so much going on, you are still sending in so many amazing posts to keep each other uplifted, informed and supported! What is better than that from a group? Nothing in my book. Check out this weeks top 5 posts and keep them coming!! 

Q: Scars happen. And the only thing we can do is try and heal and protect them. So what is the best over the counter scar ointment?

A: It was a group consensus that Mederma is the way to go. It is not only Dr. and Pharmacist recommended, but it is proven to reduce the appearance of new scars, old scars and scars from acne, burns and surgery. It’ also – wait for it – over the counter and under $15.00! They have a scar cream with SPF, an oil and a cream to help fight and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This stuff is good!! 

Q: Who doesn’t love staying in a nice hotel with their comfy beds and fancy sheets? So why can’t we bring all that goodness to our own beds? What are the best hotel style sheets to bring home?

the motherchic luuf

A: Most of you might know that my whole crew and I sleep on everything LuuF. Mattresses, pillows, blanket and sheets but I am always willing and interested in hearing what you all love too! And Mellanni sheets from Amazon get an A+ from the group! And I can see why. They are cool, silky, fade free, wrinkle free, and a lifetime manufacture guarantee.

Q: It’s still summer! And for some of us summer means swimsuits and chasing the kids! What’s the best swimsuit for running around with the kids? 

the motherchic wearing cupshe

Two Piece Suit

Left Swimsuit  | Bag | Right Swimsuit

A: Cupshe for the win! And I agree 100% and have tested this one out myself! They offer great styles, reasonable prices, and good coverage so you can build that sand castle or dive in the pool with no worries! 

Q: Lot’s of outdoor play for the kids happening and the little ones need some cool toys too! What is the best scooter for little kids from age 2-5?

A: The Micro Kickboard Mini Kick Scooter is all the rage at my house and so many of yours too! It’s highly rated and kid approved. Perfect for your little one to scoot around the neighborhood and grow with! For more fun activities check out this post.

Q: We aren’t the only ones working out or going for runs. The guys are staying active too! And they need some cool gear. What are the best active-wear shorts for men? 

A: Lululemon’s T.H.E Short must be “the” short because so many of you raved about them! They come in 7 inch, 9 inch and 11 inch. You can also choose them with or without a liner. They have pockets, are lightweight and comfortable. Makes sense to me why the are T.H.E Short to have! 

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