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DIY: Friendship Bracelets

September 1, 2020
mother minute

Was it the late 80’s or 90’s when we made and wore friendship bracelets? I keep seeing all of the kids in my neighborhood making and wearing the bracelets and they have me feeling nostalgic. They were the simple times when all you needed was for someone to drive you to the craft store so you could pick out your favorite colors of string and then get artsy! It was the DIY that you did with your friends. I remember sitting around and mindlessly knotting away, all while gabbing with my friends. Remember we would tape them to our knees??? Or tie them on our toes! Oh, and the outcome always made me feel so good! Whether the bracelet was for me or for a friend, I was just so happy to complete one! 

When I see all of the kids making them now, I wonder if they get the same feelings? Do they give them to their friends? Do they tape them to their knees? I hope so, because although not monumental, those are some really good memories. Check out this kit that will take you back to the good old days! It makes for a great gift for tweens and teens and even for yourself! Don’t forget the scotch tape! 

The Motherchic DIY friendship bracelets

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