How to Prep for Amazon Prime Day

October 12, 2020
the Motherchic amazon prime day

The day before Amazon Prime Day….


Wear comfortable performance clothing to allow for optimal focus. These were a top seller in last year’s Prime Day and are an early deal this year.

Prep any other financial decision making partners in your relationship. Explaining the early onset of holiday shopping this year and setting a collective budget is recommended, but not necessary.

Compliment a postal worker if you see one today. Thank them in advance for the onslaught of packages that are about to arrive as a result of Amazon Prime Day. (I already did this and he thanked ME for keeping him so busy). Leaving a handwritten note with a gift card or delicious treat always an optional, yet generous gesture.

Prepare activities and sustenance for your children and pets. Making breakfast in advance or laying out options the night before is highly advised. Off the top of my head? Set up a craft station with stickers and mini pumpkins that they can decorate when they wake up. Actually who am I kidding? Make sure their iPads are fully charged and in direct eye sight. You are going to want minimal distractions so you are able to focus on the deals.

And lastly, be in bed NO later than 9:30pm.

Ok ok ok, but for real. Here is what you need to know about Amazon Prime Day….

1. Amazon Prime Day starts at 12pm PST and 3pm EST on October 13th and ends October 14th. Thats TWO full days of deals.

2. There are TONS of deals, but we have done the digging for you. Our full guide will be emailed to our subscribers at the start of the sale. GET ON THAT LIST HERE!

3. Some deals run for the full 48 hours, and some deals are lightening deals. Make sure to check The Motherchic Facebook Page on the hour to see what deals you need to know about!

4. Have a plan. We will be covering all of the Prime Day deals from fashion, to beauty, to home to toys and more. Make a list of who you are shopping for if you plan on buying gifts for the holidays. Tip: This is highly recommended!

5. Eager to start shopping? You can access all of the early deals HERE!.

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