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October 27, 2020

Well, I’m going to have to file this one under most favorite post to write…. like ever! I always say that the best part about doing collaborations with Gibsonlook is seeing all of YOU wearing them. But seeing you wearing them AND hearing your stories is just whole other level of warm fuzzies. The Gibsonlook x The Motherchic Home Life Collection was designed to help make life at home a little more comfortable without sacrificing fashion. The fabrics, the colors, the details, were all carefully planned to give off a vibe that is relaxed, calm, and has overall strong sense of well-being. I am honored to introduce you all to some Motherchic readers who submitted photos of themselves wearing the Home Life Collection. They are also sharing a little bit about themselves and what home means to them during these times.

Meet Kate:


Pullover | Shorts | Tank

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Where are you from? Main Line in Pa, but live in Charleston, SC

What does home mean to you?  Home is where I feel safe and can work, live, play and love.  Home is truly wherever my partner and dog are. 

Tell us about how you are enjoying the pieces from the Home Life Collection: I have the cuddle me sweatshirt, the sleep in shorts and the talk sweet tank and I feel like this collection is truly everything I needed in my wardrobe.  I work from home dyeing and sewing and need to be in comfortable clothing I can move freely in and not get upset if I splatter some dye here or there. This collection is perfect for me and my work from home needs. And, I have worn the tank and sweatshirt in public with jeans and it looked great! You did an amazing job picking styles and fabrications that scream comfort! 

Meet Loretta:


Hoodie | Joggers

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Tell us a little about yourself: I live in Sykesville, Md.  I am mom of 2 – kids are 20 and 23.  Husband and I were empty nesting until Covid brought our youngest home from college.  I love to exercise, read and binge Netflix and Hulu.

What does home mean to you? Home to me means comfort, security, and family.  

Meet Karen:



Where do you live?: I live in East Windsor, NJ

Tell us about yourself!: I am married to my high school sweetheart. My greatest pride is being a mom to 3 amazing kids: a son (16),  and two daughters (13 & 11). I have an obsession for fashion, decor, and traveling. 

What does home mean to you?: Home is my everything! It is chaotic and fun and filled with love and laughter. It inspires me to be the best person I can be for my kids. Since the pandemic we have had many more quality hours together as a family in our home. That has been the silver lining this year.

Tell us about what you are wearing: In these photos I am wearing the burned out tee. It is super soft and honestly the most comfortable tee shirt I own. I also love it for its versatility… it can be worn with joggers or dressed up with jeans. 

Meet Carrie:


Hoodie | Joggers

Where are you from? Trinidad, originally, but now a Philly girl.

Tell us a little about yourself: I believe in working hard and playing hard. I have worked with kids for most of my adult life. I have a shoe obsession and love fashion sneakers… I love traveling and miss that very much right now.

What does home mean to you?: Home is my utopia. It’s where I go to be at peace.

Tell us about what you are wearing: The fabric on this tie dye set is crazy soft… it’s just what my body needs after a long day of work to help me relax and unwind!

Meet Araceli:

Off the Shoulder Pullover | Joggers

Where you are from: I live in San Diego, CA, originally from Sonoma, Ca.

Tell us about you!: I am a mom to a 3 year old, and I work full time as a tax auditor. I was diagnosed (and beat!) breast cancer this year and since then my focus has shifted to living a healthier lifestyle and self-care!  

What does home means to you?: I’m a total homebody so I’m enjoying not feeling guilty for spending so much time at home. I’ve tried to use the extra time at home to organize, indulge in shows I’ve been wanting to watch, start an exercise routine, and walk around with face masks on without a care (I’m currently on a skincare kick).  Next, I’m looking forward to starting a new book (it’s been a long time since I read for leisure). 

Tell us about what you are wearing?!:  I’m a sucker for an off the shoulder pullover as well as matching sets so I knew I had to get a jogger/pullover set. And I had to get them in different colors. I love how versatile they are, I can wear them together, with yoga pants or look cute in them in jeans or shorts. My new favorite!   

Meet Yolonda:

Where are you from?: I live in Washington state – Bremerton, Washington.

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m mother of six children – blended family. I work for the school district as a lunch lady. I’m so thankful for this connection, Lindsey, thank you. I’ve followed since I lived in Hawaii! I use to be a body builder for a few years and and competed in figure… I’m hoping to get that body back before my 50th birthday in a year!

What does home mean to you?: My home is my heart ❤️ beat and I want it to send a message of comfort to people that come.

Tell us about what you are wearing?: Wearing Gibson x The Motherchic navy blue joggers set….love the feel and the comfort!

Meet Kimberly:


Tee | Joggers

** use code MOTHERCHIC20 for discount!**

Where are you from?: I live in a tiny village called Mount Horeb in Wisconsin, which is  about 20 miles southwest of Madison, WI

Tell us about you!: I am a CPA and a part-time yoga/fitness instructor. My husband and I have two sons and one daughter. I recently discovered fashion, thanks to you!

What does home mean to you?: Home to me means safety and security. It’s my haven. I try to keep it neat and organized to create the feeling of calm and order in a crazy life of work and kids. Now that we spend pretty much all of our time here, it’s really become our safety net and safe space. It’s my part time office, it’s a school, it’s my gym. I now enjoy being here more than ever, and I find it hard to leave sometimes. I’m a natural home body and introvert, so part of me is happy that I don’t go out as much!

Tell us about what you are wearing: I am wearing the Vibe Check Burnout Tee and the From A Distance Cozy Pocket Jogger. I am the queen of soft pants!  I love the subtle tie dye print and they are so comfortable. They hold their shape all day and wash very well. The Tee is also very comfortable and I feel if I added a cute cardigan or blazer and dress pants with some heels and accessories it is something I could wear to work. I like that it has potential to be versatile. It doesn’t hurt that it is also very comfortable as well!

Meet Katie:


Hoodie (use code MOTHERCHIC20)

Where are you from?: I live in Longmeadow, MA (western MA)

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a military spouse, mom of 3 littles, entrepreneur, originally from FL but have lived all over (including overseas) and loves traveling. 

What does home mean to you?: Home definitely means my happy place. I love hosting people and being around my close knit group of friends (who are more like family since none of my family lives close-by). When the pandemic hit we really got to focus on our immediate family. My husband thankfully was home more (which he wasn’t supposed to be before the pandemic). So, it was a huge blessing because we had so much time with him, which I don’t say light heartedly because I know that wasn’t the case for a lot of people. 

Tell us about what you are wearing: This sweatshirt is absolutely amazing! It is so soft and warm, which I need As a FL girl living in New England! 

Meet Lindsay:


Off the Shoulder Pullover | Joggers

Where do you live?: I live 45 minutes outside of Charlotte, NC on 40 acres!

Tell us a little about yourself: I am an advertising executive and mom to 2 beautiful daughters and amazing step-sons.  Growing up around many major cities has made me quite a foodie and most nights involve a glass of wine or two!  Between working in advertising and juggling 4 kids, I think that I deserve it!

What does home mean to you?: The pandemic hit my blended family at a unique time.  We were in the process of renovating our house with the intention of it being temporary until we built our “forever home”.  We took advantage of the time to do a few more projects than anticipated and really make this house our “home”.  I had always worked with a goal of wanting “bigger and better” and the pandemic has truly taught my entire family what a “home” is…a place for us to be safe, show love and have fun.

Tell us about what are you wearing: I love the joggers and shirt that I am wearing so much that I literally went back on the site the day after I received them, to order in every color…they were sold out 🙁  I love the off the shoulder sweatshirt to just upgrade my casual outfits.  The joggers are the perfect length and even fit my curvy booty perfectly.  I cannot wait until they are back in stock to get more colors!

Meet Carley:


Off the Shoulder Pullover

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