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The She Tree Christmas Tree

December 4, 2020

So you heard of the “she shed”, but have you heard of the she tree?! Yea, I may have just coined that phrase recently. A she tree is a Christmas tree that is all for us girls. No sharing with the boys (did I ever mention there are five in my house?), just a tree that has everything YOU would want on it. My she tree is thankfully at my office so my kids can’t use the ornaments as weapons against each other. But you don’t need an office or she shed to set up shop with your she tree. You can set it up anywhere you see fit and make it known to your household that this baby is YOURS.

There is one rule to follow when constructing your tree — there are no rules! Want a pink-themed tree? Go ahead! Want a hot dog ornament? Indulge! After all, this tree is everything that represents you.

Decorating Your Own She Tree

Just like elves stick to 3 main food groups, we like to stick to 3 main categories for a good she tree. All you need is a pretty tree, ornaments, and a tree skirt. The rest is up to you, and the possibilities are endless!

she tree

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Ornaments + Decor

Tree Skirts

Now it’s the fun part — constructing your tree! Disclaimer: ornaments may not dance like this, but you can always imagine 😉

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