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Top 5 Gifts For College-Aged Girls

December 8, 2020

Buying gifts for college-aged girls can be tough! Nobody knows what a college-aged girl wants for the holidays more than a college-aged girl. They will tell us exactly where to get it, what size and color and any other necessary details so we don’t mess it up. But with the ever changing trends you need to act fast! Who knows what their favorite YouTuber or TikToker is going suggest next? And with 2020 being, well, 2020, we can’t sit around and wait for the must have gifts to fall into our laps. We have to get shopping and make sure things are shipped in time! And if you are looking for some cool gifts for young lady in your life, I’m guessing one of these items, if not all of the 5 will be on their list this year. Check out the top 5 gifts for college-aged girls below.

Top Gifts for College-Aged Girls

The motherchic gifts for college-aged girls

Aviator Nation

This lifestyle brand that focuses on contemporary casual wear is not just #1 on our list, I’m betting it is #1 on theirs. It can be a sweatshirt , hoodie, joggers , even a tee , if it’s from Aviator Nation they are gonna love it. The signature lightening bolt and rainbow stripes give edge to this California cool brand. 

Doc Martens

The 90’s are back, and in some cases never really left but now that I see Doc Martens everywhere I feel like I need to turn on some Pearl Jam and find my favorite flannel and chill. But the girls these days are rocking them way better than we did. With their ripped jeans, cute dresses, and cropped tops, they can make anything look cool!


Another brand that also takes me back to the 90’s. Even though it has been around for ever and really is a classic brand. Champion sweatshirts with the iconic C logo are back in a big way, but it must have that vintage look. Or they aren’t wearing it!.

Youth To The People

Taking care of our skin needs to start at an early age. And the girls aren’t messing around. Youth to the People’s skincare is a clean beauty line that is  superfood powered to help reset your complexion and keep skin balanced with a healthy glow. No wonder they all look so good! It’s sounds amazing! Am I too old to try this??? 

Roller Rabbit Bedding

Cozy might be the word of 2020 and nothing is cozier then a great set of sheets for their bedroom or dorms.  And they can’t just be any old ones. The girls know the quality of good sheets. And a fun print can’t hurt either. Roller Rabbit sheets are 100% cotton, crisp and comfy. Add in a pair of their pajamas and you will forever be on their nice list! 

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Top Gift Idea for College Aged Boys

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