2020 Motherchic Beauty Awards

December 15, 2020

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Ok I know it seems crazy for any award to be granted in 2020, but just hear me out. In a year where self-care was more or less limited to the four walls surrounding me, I did my best to find products that I could use at home to keep my hair and skin in check. Sephora, what would we do without you?! I thought it would be helpful if I shared the products that were most effective and why I love them.

These are the products I use most regularly and buy on repeat. And I know this may sound strange, but I LOVE change. I am not a creature of habit, but these are products that I will not stray from because they are THAT good. Also, Sephora is having lots of holiday promotions all month long so be sure to check them out here and sign up to be a Beauty Insider if you haven’t already! Order by 12/17 to get your products by 12/24, plus free shipping with code FREESHIP. Here goes! Here goes!

Favorite Hair Treatment

Why I Love It: It works after the first treatment and you can FEEL the difference in the texture of your hair. Because I highlight my hair and use heat tools often, it is so important that I use this once per week (sometimes more) to repair any dry/damaged hair. Shop it HERE.

Favorite Purple Shampoo and Restorative Mask

Why I love them: I grouped these two together because I use them simultaneously. Spoiler alert: I am not naturally blonde. Not that I classify myself as blonde, but I do have some blonde streaks. In order to keep them looking fresh and bright, I swear by this purple shampoo. It uses violet pigments to counteract brassy tones. You will be WOWed after just one use. It is recommended to only use this once per week. Purple shampoos can be drying, so I always follow it with the Restorative Hair Mask for extra hydration. Shop the purple shampoo HERE and shop the mask HERE.

Favorite Dry Shampoo

Why I love it: There is no shortage of dry shampoo in the world, but this one is my favorite because it really makes my scalp feel clean. There is no residue and it really helps to keep my hair fresh between washes. Tip: shake it REAL good before using! Shop it HERE.

Favorite Daily Face Cream

Why I love it: This face cream is my ride or die. The light rose scent is totally spa-like for a millisecond of zen in your own bathroom. The results? Dewy, plump skin. I apply every morning and sometimes throughout the day when I want a little hydration boost – or just a whiff of the beautiful smell! Shop it HERE.

Favorite Overnight Sleeping Facial Mask

Why I love it: Back in March I decided to treat myself to this mask once per week, then quickly decided it should be a nightly ritual because it’s that good. Use this as a last step to your nighttime routine and don’t be afraid to lay it on thick. Your skin will drink it right up (yes, it’s pillow proof) and you will wake up hydrated and toned. Shop it HERE.

Best At-Home Peel

Why I love it: This is the holiday version of the at-home peel I just can’t quit. In terms of skin radiance and aging prevention, it really does wonders… including but not limited to: lifting dead skin, reducing pore size, wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes. Yes, it does tingle…. but in good way. It comes with a neutralizing pad to calm your skin after the first peel pad does the work. This set also comes with full-size C + Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum, and a kit-size C + Collagen Deep Cream moisturizer. Shop it HERE.

Favorite Serum for Puffy Eyes + Dark Circles

Why I love it: Ok first of all, it is under $7! Second of all, it really works. This product was actually recommended to me by several Motherchic readers so I HAD to try it! My under eyes are my biggest skincare woe, and this product really works to decrease puffiness. Also, recently I’ve started noticing darkness under my eyes (no!) and I love that this product treats both. Shop it HERE.

Favorite Clean Makeup Products

Why I love them: These two products were new to me this year, but I love that they are categorized as clean beauty products and they both bring warmth and color to my skin. The Lawless Summer Skin Velvet Matte Bronzer is talc-free and gives me a summer glow year round! I love a dewy glow and Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush is SO fun to apply and gives my skin and instant radiance. A little goes a long way so just a dab on the apple of your check and then blend upwards.

Shop the bronzer HERE and the cheek color HERE.

And one more favorite that has nothing to do with beauty, but is just awesome!

Why I love it: Pura is a smart-home diffusion device that fills your home with beautiful scents from your smart phone! You plug it in to the wall with your fragrance of choice (this is the limited edition holiday set), download the app, follow a few simple steps and you can program it according to your preference! And the coolest part(s)?! It is Alexa compatible so you can use voice commands to turn it on and office. You can control the intensity of the scent from ANYWHERE… and (this part is so cool) you can set up geo-fencing so that when you get into a certain proximity of your home it will turn on so when you arrive it smells beautiful! Shop it HERE.

And that’s a wrap 2020! You may not have been the best year, but one of many silver linings was that I got better at taking care of myself with the help of a few of these products! I’d love to hear what products you all swear by! Leave them in the comments below!

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