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January 6, 2021

A few years ago my sister gave my family a sort of “personality” test. It was similar to this test called True Colors – but mostly it helped to explain your style of communication. The most interesting part of the test compared to most personality tests was that it used colors to describe individuals. Colors have no hierarchy – meaning no one color was better or worse at communicating than another. There can sometimes be a negative connotation with people named as an introvert or extrovert, type A versus type B, etc. But with the color test we were able to find positives and negatives in a balancing act.

I find that this idea translates very easily into how we dress, decorate our homes and express ourselves. Dressing in color (or lack there of) can have an effect on our overall mood and outlook. Although I do know many people that dress in all neutrals and happen to be absolutely delightful 😉 Again, no one color is better or worse than another. But every year the fashion gods and the Pantone pickers get together to decide the trendiest colors of the season. Let’s take a look at a few…


Aerosmith got it right when they said “Pink, it’s my new obsession, Pink, it’s not even a question.” The Miranda Priestly’s of the world have dubbed anything pink the hottest shade of year. And I can not get enough of this girly, giddy color. Whether it’s lounging around or a few bold accessories – it better be in pink.

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I love that team Pantone picked this happy hue for 2021. A fresh vase of sunshine colored flowers or a peep of marigold from a dainty bra strap or even all out graphic sweatshirt – I think we can agree that yellow = happiness.

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Ultimate Grey

2020 may have been the year of sweatpants, but there something so reassuring about that soft grey material. 2021 is here to kick it up a notch with some new grey favorites. This color looks best in heathers, textures and subtle prints. Who knew grey could be so fun 😉

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